Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Misc. Stuff...

Life is definitely getting busy! This past weekend we were able to relax a little…I had to work some but other than that we didn’t have too much going on.

Last night we had some friends over to discuss Sunday school planning – John and I are in charge of Journey Kidz, which is the group of kids 18 months – 4 years. Our friends are in charge of the babies, so we’re trying to work together to get scheduling done and just try to figure everything out (we were all just put in charge of this). The kids all had a blast playing together and it was nice to do something that made me completely forget about work.

Work is starting to get really busy…I like that my days go by fast, but I’m about to get to a point where I’ll be leaving work just to go home and work some more, which I will hate.

That’s about it…oh, and I’m on Facebook now…so if any of you want to be friends, look me up or let me know!


Anonymous said...

Busy job. Three kids. Sunday school stuff. You, my friend, are one busy girl :) I need a nap and a vacation just reading about all you have going on!!

Sherry said...

oh heck yeah I agree w/ Kellie!!! You always have something going and you said you relaxed a little? When????? In the middle of the night??? :)

Rachel said...

Everytime I think my life is gonna slow down, something else comes up, lol!

Oh well, I'm happy, so that's what matters.