Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Know Your Daughter’s Worn Out….

When she sleeps from 5:30 until 9:00 at night, gets up for 2 hours, and then goes to bed for the night.

This is seriously unheard of for my daughter…she never needs that much sleep, so I know she’s exhausted! She’s doing so much better though! She was in a fantastic mood when she was up for the 2 hours last night and then we watched American Idol together and around 11:00 she said she was tired and wanted to go up to bed. She didn’t even ask if she could sleep with us! Poor little thing! Tonight she has gymnastics and I think she’ll be fine…I just need to make sure she rests afterwards or takes a nap if she needs to.

On another note, yesterday when I took the kids to the sitter’s they had such a cute conversation about “movie cars.” See, hubby’s SUV has a DVD player in it, and it had been in the shop since before Christmas, and the loaner that they gave us, while extremely nice, did not have a DVD player in it.

So as we pull out of the garage last night, my daughter saw that our old car was back:

Daughter: “Yeah!!! Daddy’s movie car is back!!! Mommy, maybe someday you can get a movie car too…I really like them.”
Son: “Yeah, I ike them too. When I get bigger, I’m going to get a movie car too.”
Daughter: “OK, but they cost a lot of dollars.”
Son: “Yeah, they do.”

I honestly have no idea where she got that “movie cars cost a lot of dollars,” I don’t remember ever saying anything like that. But I thought it was so cute that she was preparing her brother to start saving up if he wanted his own someday :)


Sherry said...

First I am so glad your daughter is feeling better. And you know sleep is good for her when she doesn't feel good. See she knew she needed the extra sleep too, smart girl.
American Idol, gotta love it huh? I know that and Dance Wars keep me focused each week!!!
Movie car, totally awesome I love it. Kids come up with the cutest things don't they but "movie car" is a great description of it. That just might catch on real fast. Send that in to some ad agency they could use it when advertising cars!!! Your daughter is one smart little girl huh?
My dvd player in the care is only used when Miranda is here now. Kids too big and drive their own cars so mmmm my movie car is like the old drive in's not used hahahaha.

Amy W said...

Her body needed the rest...sounds like she is doing better!!

My kids EXPECT to watch a movie in the van...

Edie said...

Your daughter's body is probably just exhausted. The good news is that she isn't fighting that and sleeping when she needs to.

My daughter is so addicted to our DVD player in the van. Since Christmas, she will watch nothing but High School Musical!! And the songs keep playing over and over again in my head!

Mommyca said...

So glad she's doing better, just wore her out and now she's getting the sleep she needs.

Rachel said...

Sounds like she's doing much better!