Tuesday, January 22, 2008


OK, so I’m asking for help, especially from the moms of boys (but if your girls went through this then I’ll take that help too!). I think I’m also just soliciting confirmation that my son is normal and that there’s not something wrong with him (as I’ve heard this happened to another boy our old sitter watches as well).

Here’s the problem:
We potty trained my son in October. As you might know, it was a fairly easy process, and once we were done, he was good to go. We went to Disney World for goodness sakes and he did not have one single accident the entire trip!

So fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden he’s started having accidents. At first, it seemed he would have them when he was in the basement and we thought maybe he wasn’t making it all the way upstairs in time (because he would go a little, and then come up and tell us he had to go potty, and then he would go in the potty). But then it started happening at other times…he’d be playing in the family room with us (20 feet from the bathroom) and he do it. And then like last night, we were cuddling in my bed watching a movie (about ½ hour after he had gone potty), and he tells me he has to go. So we run into my bathroom, and he’s already started to go.

I just don’t get it…we haven’t had any of the big things happen that I’ve heard cause kids to revert back (new baby, moving, etc.). And hubby and I have worked really hard making him go more, and we’ve talked to the babysitter about it, and she reminds him to go more as well. We’ve tried everything from punishment to rewards and nothing seems to be working. And my daughter never did anything like this, so this is very new to us.

So tell me all my wise friends, what is going on??? We’re at our wits ends trying to fix this!


ChrisB said...

Have you thought about checking whether he might be suffering from an infection or anything medical, just to eliminate!!

Rachel said...

He may have bladder infection. Couldn't hurt to check with his pediatrician.

Sherry said...

I agree with chrisb that should be the first thing.
Secondly mmm it could just be a stage, how old is he??? Sometimes you know how it goes, one step forward, two steps back. I am sure he will get right back on track soon. It's been years since even Bryce was a little on and being potty trained. This poor ol brain won't go back that far for details!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I say see if he a bladder infection or something. I can't offer any advice as we're just getting ready to start potty training Morgan. I've heard that punishment when an accident happens can cause them to regress even more, but what the hell do I know.

Good luck :)

Dani said...

Well I have a boy but we haven't potty trained yet so I don't have any personal advice.
What I do recommend is checking out
www.askmoxie.org It's a blog of questions that parents write in for advice from moxie as well as from all the people who comment. I know I've seen lots of potty related questions on there. Also there is a search bar to look for specific question.
Hope this helps a bit. And good luck!!

The Guider said...

Tried to message before but blogspot was playing up.

Sometimes they just regress a bit, stick to your normal routine and hopefully he will be ok. I would check out the possibility of an infection, that does seem to knock small boys off their game (certainly my 4 year old), for my boy it's ear infections that seem to leave him with an inability to deal with things like getting to the loo on time.

Lil Mouse said...

if he doesnt have any health issues i vote for restricted access to drinks, especially ones with sugar in them, caffeine, etc. and cut them out totally before bed.

i personally had a weak bladder, never had issues during the day, but took forever to go the whole night, no matter when they took drink away from me. i just couldnt get woken up until my bladder grew a little bit more. it sucked. but hey, i outgrew it..

Michele_3 said...

Definitely would rule out any kind of infection and then if all is okay- I'm sure he will get through it soon..my son did a bit of flip flopping in potty training too,In his case-he would just try to hold it as long as possible because he just felt it was too much work sometimes-LOL!

Good Luck to you, just keep talking potty to him!

Edie said...

Definitely remind him more often to keep going. That will help him not get too involved in playing that he forgets to go. (this happened with us)

Also, check your detergents and soaps... maybe there is a little irritation that's making him think he has to go to the bathroom more often than usual.

Also, try to watch him and make sure he is completely emptying when he goes. It could be that he doesn't finish and therefore, it's harder for him to control it later.

You know, playing is loads of fun in comparison to going potty!! :) Kids would sometimes rather wet themselves than stop playing.

Good Luck!!

3XMom said...

My 2 oldest are girls, my little guy is only 17 months. But I have friends with boys. One had a boy who was potty trained for a year and then just gave it up for 6 months for no reason at all. He was retrained literally a week before kindergarten. I have another friend with a similar story. Boys are just weird ;) He is probably just easily distracted. Good luck!