Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Thoughts....

-I’m very, very tired. The stress of work and still trying to be a great mom at night is wearing me down. I’ll be OK…I just need some sleep!

-My son has not had an accident in a while! We really didn’t do anything differently, I think it just took patience while he just got back into the routine of going potty more often.

-This weekend hubby is going away with his friends, so it’s my turn to spend tons of time with the kiddos. You know what else it means??? We all get to sleep in my bed together all weekend! I love doing that so much, and it’s so rare that hubby isn’t home, so it’s a very nice treat.

-Normally the kids are asleep when we take them to the sitters, but the last couple of mornings they have been awake, and those few minutes each morning have been so nice! I get to see their happy, smiling faces and they are in such great moods!

I think that’s it…time to get some more work done!


Edie said...

So glad the potty issues are working out!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy the potty dilemma is better :)

Sounds like you're looking forward to the weekend with the kids...hope you do tons of fun stuff!!

Sherry said...

Your weekend no doubt tired you out, hey it catches up with the best of us, so it's all good. Soon you will be alert, awake and raring to go, all set for your week end with the kids.
Glad your son is back in the swing of his potty training. No doubt like you and your being tired, he needed to get back into his routine.
So love your post, so family orientated it's awesome!!!

radioactive girl said...

I love the times when all my kids sleep in bed with me!

Get some sleep! I hope you feel better/rested soon!

Dani said...

Glad potty worries are getting better.

Isn't it nice when you get to see the kids awake in the morning and start your day with them.

I'm the only one here that hates sleeping in bed with my son. Jeffrey is like sleeping next to a wolverine. He scratches and flails and kicks the whole night. I wake up bruised and battered.

Kelly M said...

Have fun this weekend!