Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Noisy Night!

What a night! We had the strongest winds that I have heard in a long time! Hubby and I were up a lot last night and amazingly the kids didn’t wake up once! I can’t believe what great kids I have when it comes to sleeping through storms! I seriously kept thinking that something was going to break, it was so loud. And I was amazed to wake up and find that we still had power.

Last night I took the kids to the grocery store and we actually had a lot of fun! My daughter helped out by carrying things or putting them in the cart for me and my son just sat in the cart and played with my phone (he likes to take pictures with it). When we checked out both of them helped me put the groceries up on the belt and my son asked his usual question at check out (referring to the belt-thingy) “is this a moving one?” He asks that at every store!

Tonight I get to go and see the premier of The Bucket List with my sister. We’ll meet for dinner and then head to the movie. I can’t remember the last movie that I saw!

Work of course is still super busy, but at least my days are going really fast! And it’s not too warm here anymore :( It’s still not cold (almost 50 degrees today) but not warm like yesterday at 66 degrees!


Sherry said...

I saw the wild winds in the Mid West , haha to me it's the east, but oh well, on Good Morning America. There were some bad ones no wonder you had a noisy night. So glad you didn't experience any of the tornado's that whipped through several states. I worry about all my blogger friends when I hear weather like that.
I want to see the Bucket List, it looks so funny, so let me know how it is. I of course have it on my NetFlix saved list so it will be a few months for me!!!
Your children are so well balanced and to hear that you had "fun" in the grocery store just proves that. See it's their parents them who they are, so of course they are perfect.

radioactive girl said...

We had wind like that the other night...maybe a few weeks ago? I can't remember. None of my kids woke up, but I was up all night!

It is cooling down again here too. I just noticed that my daughter took her spring jacket with her to school instead of her winter one. I hope she isn't freezing today!

Amy W said...

Work has been crazy for me too, it's nice when the day goes by fast.

Julie said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of the movie. I can't decide if I want to see it or not - your review might push me one way or another!

Anonymous said...

We had strong winds here today. Still warm, though :)

I'm looking forward to reading if you liked the movie or not. I've been devating if I want to see it or pass on it.

Christy said...

You grocery trip sounds way better than mine did yesterday. Ours ended with Lilly having the biggest of all meltdowns i the parking lot, always fun :)

Glad to hear work is good.

Edie said...

All that wind was probably bring in the cold air! Brrrrr....

I want to see The Bucket List. Let me know how it was!!