Friday, January 11, 2008

Things I Want To Remember About The Kids....

I don’t have much to say right now…my brain is pretty much fried from all this work. So I thought I would record some of the adorable things my kids are doing and saying these days:

My son:

-I make a treat at Christmas time that is called “snowman poop.” During his prayers every night when he was thanking God for mommy and daddy and sissy, he would always add in there “thank you for snowman poop.”

-He loves the Lion King, and his favorite game/phrase is “petend ur Nala and I’m Simba.” There’s nothing really to the game, I just say “Hi Simba” and he says “Hi Nala.”

-I always ask him if I can eat him up, and he looks at me sad and says “U can’t eat me, then u won’t have a (insert his name here).” And then he tells me “U can eat a wuttle bit.” (translates: You can eat a little bit).

-His favorite word right now is “Poop.” Seriously, it gets added into every sentence.

-He is my snuggler. And he just comes up and gives me hugs…wrapping his adorable little arms around my neck.

-When we come home from the sitter’s we go through blinking red lights (a four-way stop) and he calls them “the special lights because they”

-When we take my daughter to gymnastics he always gets a bag of M&M’s. As soon as they call her class out he starts his begging for us to take him to the vending machine and get them. We just had 3 weeks off of her gymnastics and last night it all came right back to him…only I don’t think he waited to start his begging…she wasn’t even done taking her coat off before he started asking!

My daughter:

-She desperately wants to be in school! Every day she pretends that she’s either in school or doing homework.

-She has more baby dolls than anyone I know. And she actually does a good job rotating them! She claims she wants to have 100 babies when she grows up.

-She has told me that when she grows up I can live by her (not next door because there are no more lots left next door to us, but down the street some are available, so that’s where she’ll live) and I can watch her kids while she goes to work.

-She loves to color and write.

-She gets in moods where she wants to do everything she can to help me…she gets mad if I empty the washer without her help, or if I try to take my plate up to the sink because she wanted to do it.

-She LOVES gymnastics! And she’s getting pretty good at it!

-She loves to be around “big” people…whether they are adults or just older kids. She craves their attention.

-I wish I had cute phrases that she says but she’s so darn advanced in her vocabulary that she never mispronounces a word or says things incorrectly. I’ve always loved that about her, but it’s also why I really enjoy listening to my son because he does the baby talk that she never did. I’m not kidding when I say that talking to her is exactly the same as when I talk to the two 10 year-olds down the street. The only difference is that she doesn’t have the “worldly” experience of a 10 year-old yet…she’s still an innocent 4 year-old, thank goodness!

-She LOVES to scrapbook! She is my scrapbooking buddy. Right now my whole scrapbooking table is covered with her stuff (she got so much for Christmas!). She asks me a lot if I’ll come up there and scrapbook with her! And she’s getting so good at it! I can’t wait to show her the album she’s doing now when she’s 20…I think she’ll be very impressed with herself!

I think that’s about it…now I just want to go home and gobble them both up!


Anonymous said...

What great things to post about :)

radioactive girl said...

My boys are both obsessed with talking about poop right now, which my 7 year old never did until my almost 4 year old was old enough to participate in the talk.

I take "little nibbles" of my kids all the time.

My kids were all great talkers at a young age too. My youngest is the only one who said anything wrong and has started saying almost all his words correctly now too and I really miss the "michaelmo" (motorcycle) and other words he mixed up.

Sherry said...

That is a wonderful post!!!! Each child is so special in his or her own way and you have their special lil things that will always stay with you.
Well balanced and happy children and it shows in each blog you write about them.
Got a kick out of your daughter, she is the thinker. Knows it's best to have you watch her kids, so see she has your life all mapped out for you!!! But wow 100 babies huh??? :) She sounds so nurturing just like her mother!!!!
Such an uplifting post, starts my day out on the "sunny" side here in soggy Washington!!!

Mommyca said...

"thank you for snowman poop" Love it! Made my day!! LOL!

Christy said...

WOnderful! Posts like this are actually what inspired me to start my own blog, just so I can record, remember and reflect :)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

What great memories! Your kids are adorable. And, how neat your daughter is your scrapping buddy!

Edie said...

Awww... HOW PRECIOUS!! I LOVE being able to record these special memories. One day, if you don't have these written down somewhere, you'll forget them. I never want that to happen.

And, since you are also a scrapbooker, I know you know how I feel!! :)

Precious, precious children you have. :)

Edie said...
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Kelly M said...

great post....

Michele_3 said...

Great post!
I know how you feel! Keep counting those blessings!

Amy W said...

Sounds like she will do great in school!

Dani said...

How awesome!
They both sound like such treasures.

Right now, I take sugar from my son. I tell him that little boys have sugar on their necks and behind their ears. Momma's are the lucky ones that get to snuggle up the sugar. He keeps me sweet.

Rachel said...

How sweet!

Squishy Tushy said...

A wonderfully, fantastic post!

I really enjoyed reading it!