Monday, January 07, 2008

Wii and Go Bucks!

I get it now.

I never had video games when I was growing up (I think part of it had to do with the fact that we were a family of all girls). I played them occasionally when I went to friends’ houses, but I’ve just never been into them.

So when the Nintendo Wii came out I thought it was cool, but nothing I would ever think to actually go buy. But this year hubby has become increasingly more interested in it, and actually talked about getting one. I didn’t take him seriously until recently when he would drag us to stores looking to see if anyone had one in stock.

Then he found a friend that is down supporting our Buckeye’s as they beat LSU tonight that has a Wii. His friend is letting us borrow it. And I’m completely addicted!

I now understand how Sherry over at The House of Mis-Fits stays up late each night bowling. I love the bowling! And the best part about it? Hubby, my daughter and I bowl and we are each playing as hard as we can and it’s a good game! What other system can you say that you play as hard as you can against your 4 ½ year-old and they win???

We played it all weekend. And then my sister-in-law and her family came over and we played it with them and had a blast! Hubby and I had to stop playing and make ourselves go to bed last night because we were having so much fun!

So needless to say we will definitely be getting one when they actually get back on the store shelves :)

And I hope you all tune in tonight to watch the Championship game…we are so pumped up here! To give you a better feeling of what we’re like in the Buckeye state, here’s a funny forward I received about Ohio (and it’s so very true!):

Jeff Foxworthy on Ohio:
All I have to say is "Go Bucks!"

You might be from Ohio (pronounced O-hi-uh), if:

You think all Pro football teams are supposed to wear orange!

You know all the 4 seasons: winter, still winter, almost winter and construction.

You live less than 30 miles from some college or university.

You know what a buckeye really is, and have a recipe for candied ones.

"Toward the lake" means "north" and "toward the river" means "south."

You know if other Ohioans are from southern or northern Ohio as soon as they open their mouths.

You can spell words like Cuyahoga, Olentangy, Bellefontaine, Tuscarawas, Wapakoneta and you know which letter is doubled in Cincinnati.

"Vacation! " means spending a day at Cedar Point in the summer and deer hunting in the fall.

You measure distance in minutes

Your school classes were canceled because of cold

Your school classes were canceled because of heat.

You've had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.

You know what should be knee-high by the Fourth of July.

You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. For example: "Where's my coat at?"

You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.

You think of the major four food groups as corn, pork, beer, and Jell-O salad with marshmallows.

You carry jumper cables in your car.

You know what 'pop' is.

You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.

Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow. (Amen!)

You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightgown.

The local paper covers national and international headlines on one page but requires six pages for sports.



Edie said...

I, like you, never really got into the video game thing as a child. But, we were over at Amy's house the other night playing Ray's new Wii... OMG!! And Hayden was loving playing it to. I think we may have to invest in one of those as well. Great family fun!!

Just be careful... a coworker of mine has one. Her daughter was bowling without the wrist strap on and threw the controller through their brand new 40 inch plasma tv!! Yep, it was totally ruined! YIKES!

Sherry said...

YAHOO another Wii fan but to be honest, I haven't met anyone that doesn't like it. Bowling as you know is our ( hubby) thing and yes we are up late everynight STILL playing. It's totally the highlight of my day, I so look forward to it and can't wait to hear "NICE STRIKE" tee hee.
A family game for sure, no matter the age it's great clean fun!!
I hope you all find one. Word from Game Stop, they will be out again on Jan 29th, good luck!!!
And okay , just for you "Go Bucks" but mmmm is that football??? I am so not a sports person. Funny huh? Isn't that Wii game called Wii Sports?? hahahah

Rachel said...

Chris and I have talked about getting a Wii! I am sure that we eventually will get one.

Also, I do not like Ohio State or LSU, so I am neutral on this game.

Anonymous said...

The Wii is on my list. One advantage to where I live? A neighbor (no, not the ones with the stupid dogs) works at Target. He knows what's coming in and when it'll be here. Which means? I know when the Wii will be here. And? Jimmy helped him out with his car a few weeks ago and the neighbor offered us his employee discount for a more expensive item since Jimmy wouldn't take any money from him. Hehe--I'm excited :)

The thing from Jeff Foxworthy? Also applies to NY. Minus the Buckeye thing :)

Christy said...

I grew up playing video games, and my husband did too. A Wii is on our list, but we just acquired ourselves a PS3. Lets just say that there was many sleepless nights over the holidays at our house :)

Kelly M said...

How Funny I myself just got done playing the wii!! I like the bowling...but I'm becoming a big fan of the tennis! I also like the baseball!! Have you tried boxing?? It totally kicks your butt...GOOD WORKOUT!

Daddy Dan said...

Sorry for your loss tonight. I thought about you as time ran out. Better luck next year. =)

Amy W said...

LOVE our Wii...Ashley loves the golf and the bowling and Audrey even gets in on the action...