Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm Back!

Holy cow, where have I been for the last 3 weeks??? Honestly, working. I have been so busy at work – it was filing time for our first quarter 10-Q and then we started working on this project that should hopefully wrap up next week. Outside of work what have we been up to? Well here’s a recap: Joshie had his first grade reading breakfast. They had plays and read a poem to us and Joshie did great! Then we ate donuts and read books :) Spring sports have started, and with that we have what feels like days and days of practices. Joshie usually has two days of baseball practice (did I mention that he made it up to coach-pitch in Little League?) and then two days of football practice. And then of course Kylie still has two days of gymnastics per week. Last weekend John and I had to split up for the first time for the kids’ sports :( Joshie had his first football game while Kylie had her last Championships gymnastics meet. I hated missing Josh’s first game, and John hated missing Ky’s meet, but what can you do? So John (obviously, since he’s the coach) and my dad went to Josh’s game while my mom and I went to Kylie’s meet. We had Miss G come and watch Ryan and Colton which was awesome because I would have hated trying to entertain them during the meet! Joshie scored a touchdown, got a sac, and pulled three flags at his game! Kylie had beautiful routines and got second on floor and second all-around (and 4th on vault and 5th on bars)! After we all met up at home, we headed out to Kylie’s last restaurant pick of the season (she gets to pick where we go after meets), Asian Star. This week the weather has been gorgeous and we have spent a lot of time outside. Last night while Josh had football practice and Kylie was at gymnastics, I was outside with Ryan and Colton the whole evening! The boys swung o on the swings, jumped on the trampoline, picked lots of strawberries out of Pappaw’s garden, and then played in the court. Then I gave them a bath and loaded them up in the stroller for a nice, long evening walk. It was so gorgeous outside! So there you have it…three weeks in four paragraphs :) Hopefully I’ll be better about blogging now…I hate not capturing our lives because I know how quickly I’ll forget…

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