Friday, May 18, 2012

My dear sweet Princess,

Today you are nine years old.  NINE!!!  Where have the years gone?  You are turning into such a little lady and it’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  One minute I’m enjoying your older interests, attitudes and personality, and the next I’m missing my little girl that I took to Olive Garden and sang songs from The Enchanted to me :)
This last year has been such a growing year for you…I feel like you have grown so much both physically and in your personality.  You are so much taller (but not so big that I can’t still pick you up and carry you around!) and the amount of muscle mass you have is crazy!  You can do real push-ups and put most boys to shame in any physical competition.  As for your personality, you are into music and Youtube so much more and are so much more boy-crazy.  The times of playing with Monster High dolls and American Girl dolls are fewer and far between :(

You have been excelling in school.  You were in gifted math and reading, and will be considered gifted in science next year.  I hardly ever have to worry about your homework – you always come right home from school and get it done, unless you need help.  You are such a responsible little girl!  You still stress about being late for things – you leave for school at 8:40, even though the doors don’t open until 8:55 and it’s only a five minute walk, if that!
You have done an awesome job in gymnastics this past year – you work so hard and your scores really show it!  You’re trying to decide if you want to take on the extra work of joining the competitive team or to stay where you are and still work hard but be more relaxed.

You are an amazing sister!  Just this morning, I asked you to please make Joshie take an extra set of clothes for supergames today, and you popped up from the couch and said “why don’t I just pack him an extra set and put it in his bag so there is no argument?” and you ran upstairs to do just that.  You are amazing with Colton!  He loves you, and there are many mornings that I find you in the crib with Colton – laying there and telling him a story or just playing with him.  You will be such a great babysitter!  You love Ryan too, but he’s at such an awkward age and doesn’t want much to do with you…unless he’s tired, or in a great mood, then he takes full advantage of your wonderfulness :)
I can’t wait to see what this year of nine will bring for you!  You will only have two more years left in your school, you will have the opportunity, if you want to, to try some other sports (you have mentioned wanting to try volleyball), and I’m sure you will get even more independent over the year.

Thank you for being you.  I love you so much, words can’t describe it.  You were my first baby and my only girl – you have such a special place in my heart! 
Happy Birthday Ky-Bear!!!


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