Monday, May 14, 2012

What a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend!

Friday evening started with a dinner at our pastor’s house.  He invited the leadership team and the wives over for a wonderful dinner and games.  It was so fun hanging out with friends and laughing so hard that I was crying :)

Saturday morning Colton woke me up nice and early :(  But he’s so stinking adorable that I couldn’t be upset :)  He ate breakfast, then I got ready and John and Josh headed off to football practice, Ryan went over to Pappaw’s, and Kimmie, Colton, Kylie and I loaded up to head out.  I dropped Kylie off at Rachel’s and Kim, Colton and I went to Yutzy’s and Dings and Dents.  This week starts the first time they will have a summer nanny, so she needed to stock up on food for the kiddos during the day.

After that, we came home and ate lunch and then played outside while John mowed.  After he was done, he and Josh headed off to baseball practice and I laid Ryan and Colton down for a nap.  Once they were asleep and Kylie was home to babysit, I headed over to Kimmy’s where she was having Zora’s birthday party…ALONE!  Since her husband is Josh’s head coach, he had to run off to practice and left her there with lots of little 5 year-old girls by herself!  So I went over and gave her a hand (along with our other neighbor) and then after all the kids had left, we sat outside and I drank a peach daiquiri and just enjoyed the beautiful weather!

When the boys got back from practice, we were going to head out to get the plants for my garden, when all of a sudden the kids came running from the backyard saying Ryan threw up.  Sure enough he did and didn’t look so good :(  So we took him inside and John sat with him on the couch.  I took Josh and Kylie to the garden store to get my plants while John stayed back with Colton and Ryan.
At the garden store, Josh and Kylie had fun picking out a few plants that were going to be theirs!  Josh picked lemon boy tomatoes (because they were “boys”) and a chocolate pepper plant.  I’ve never had either of those so we’ll see what they taste like :)  Kylie picked out some green and red peppers and some cucumbers.  I got a TON of plants!  I’m glad my dad’s garden is huge!

When we got home we were faced with a dilemma…we were supposed to go out to dinner for Dad’s birthday, but poor Ryan was still sick, so Dad and I went out and grabbed White Castle and brought it back.  We thought Ryan was better, but just minutes after drinking some Sprite, it all came back up again :(  So I took him up and gave him a bath and hung out with him while everyone else ate dinner.  Colton had fun playing with the napkins and White Castle boxes :)

Then we played the game that Kylie had made me for Mother’s Day.  Her class all made games and she decided to give hers to me for Mother’s Day.  It involved money, continents, airports and answering hard questions!  It was a lot of fun to play, even though there were some bugs that needed worked out :)

Sunday morning I got woken up pretty early (like before 7 AM!) by the little booger (Happy Mother’s Day to me!).  But again, he was so cute and in such a great mood that I didn’t mind too much.  We all got ready for church and just as we were heading out (the car was all packed up with church stuff and football stuff), the phone rang and the recording told us that Joshie’s football game was cancelled :(  They were calling from storms later that day, so they were being proactive and cancelling early, but we were all bummed because I love watching Joshie play and he LOVES playing in the rain!

After church we came home and the two little boys went down for a nap.  Josh wanted me to open his special present and I was so excited to do so!  First graders make an awesome book about their mother’s, and knowing this I had been so looking forward to my special book.  I loved seeing what Josh’s favorite food that I cooked was (brownies) and the he thought my favorite thing to do in my free time was “play with her kids.”  Such an adorable little boy that Joshua!  After I was done reading the book, John, my dad, Kylie, Josh and I all went out and worked on the garden!  It was sprinkling a little bit, but we didn’t care, we had fun!  Dad helped Josh plant, John helped Kylie plant, and I planted all of my plants.  We had tons of plants!  It feels so good having that done!

After we were done, we got cleaned up, loaded up the car, and headed out to Piada for and early dinner.  I had been there once before and loved it, and they were giving moms a free entrée, so it was perfect!  Even more perfect was that we were the only ones in there, which was great since it was the rest of the family’s first time and normally the place is a madhouse!  The workers there were so nice – they gave us a free dessert, which were the little cannolis and they were amazing!  It was a great meal!

When we got home, I opened up my presents from the kiddos.  They got to shop at Giant Eagle the previous Sunday and picked out the presents all by themselves and wrapped them up for me.  Ryan got me an oil burner, Josh got me a candle, and Kylie got me a fleece blanket.  Josh also gave me a great note and some homemade coupons!  Then John said that I had to figure out his present and gave me two clues:  The first was something that was in the middle of the road a couple of streets over, and the second work rhymed with “ox.”

So the kids and I headed out on a little walk and saw that there was a glove in the middle of the road.  So I knew the clue was “glove box.”  I first looked in my car and didn’t see anything, and then looked in John’s car and saw an envelope in his glove box.  I opened it up and saw that it was for three massages with a lady that I had just gotten a massage from and loved!  He is such a sweetie!!!

After that, we all went down in the playroom where we watched Ryan’s hockey game, all danced and sung to Party Rockers, and watched Joshie practice his Koala presentation that he has to give this week.  It was so much fun!  After that, we all headed upstairs for some cupcakes and then bedtime.

It was a wonderful weekend!  Thankfully Ryan was only sick for ½ a day and it didn’t storm on Sunday.  I just know that I am so blessed to have four amazing little kids and a fabulous husband!  God has truly blessed me!

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