Friday, April 13, 2012

Colton's 15 Month Check-Up...

Colton had his 15 month check-up yesterday. It was the first appointment where he actually played with the toys in the waiting room and enjoyed looking at the huge fish tank and pointing to everything and saying “that?” which means “what is that?”

While he was playing, I heard the receptionist on the phone with a mother-to-be. She was giving her info about their prenatal hour and how the doctor visits the newborn in the hospital, etc. It was bittersweet for me knowing that it has been nine years since I was in the place (can’t believe she’s almost nine!!!) and here I was at the 15 month check of my FOURTH child! But to know that the baby days are behind me is nice :)

Once we were called back I got him undressed and we measured his length (tall boy!) and his head circumference (he did so well with that!). Then it was time to weigh him, and he was good enough to go on the big boy scale for the first time! I plopped his naked little butt on their and before he could step off we was weighed.

Then we waited in the room for a while. Very exhausting! He was all over the place! And he was especially obsessed with the stool…he kept trying to sit on it, carry it, push it – everything!

Once the doctor got in there he calmed down a little and let her check him out. It was a quick appointment – only issue is that it looks like he has eczema like Ryan does, but nothing we can’t take care of! Then it was time for his shots (three of them – MMR, chicken pox and a HiB booster).

He was only in the car about five minutes before he fell fast asleep.

My little cutie is doing so much these days…he’s walking very well (almost running at times), plays very well independently, eats like a champ, sleeps – well, like a baby :) and is saying so many words! His constants are “mommy, daddy, sissy, ry-ry, doshie, pappaw, memaw (supposed to be “grandma”), waer (water), off, et (out), no :), that, light, eat, cacker, teerios, and a ton of others that I can’t remember right now.” If you ask him what a cow/dog/lion/cat says, he’ll make the correct sounds. And he will attempt to copy any word you try to get him to say! He’s an amazing little boy!

Here are the stats from his 15 month check-up:

Weight: 23 lbs. 8 oz (40%)
Height: 32 inches (77%)
Head: 46 ¾ cm (38%)

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Kellie said...

My baby days are behind me, too ( changing my mind because I saw a fresh baby and decide I HAVE to have one!!).

I can't believe Colton is 15 months already! What is with all of our kids and their need to grow up?! ;)