Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Proud of My Princess!!!

I’m so proud of my little girl!

This past March, like last year, she took the Terra Nova tests.  Starting in second grade, these tests, among other things I’m sure, identify the students eligible for the gifted program.  Based on the results from second grade, Kylie began gifted math, so every day, she and some other kids from her class, went to the gifted teacher’s classroom for math.  She has been thriving ever since!  Some of the math problems she has been doing absolutely amaze me!  Geometry in second grade?  Then, in March she moved into gifted reading, so on Fridays, she and some other kids from her class, go to the gifted teacher’s classroom for reading.  Again, so absolutely loves this!
We just got the results back from her third grade Terra Nova tests, and yet again, this little girl amazes me!  Not only how great she does, but the expectation she has in herself and the disappointment in her math score (she’s in the 98th percentile – she wanted to be higher!).  I love that my girl has high expectations of herself…it pushes her and makes her work so hard!

I read the Gifted ID report that was given to her, and basically, once you’re classified as “gifted,” you will always be gifted, even if you don’t do well on the test one year.  So the letter stated that not only is she gifted in the areas that she had already been classified as gift in, a new one was added: Science.  She improved her score so much in this area!
Her scores were as follows:

Reading: 99
Math: 98
Language: 95

Social Studies: 91
Science: 98

Cognitive: 124

 I’m so proud of my little girl…and it’s so nice for her to see how hard work really pays off!

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