Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy, Busy!!!

Last night was pretty much the epitome of craziness…but what’s new???

As soon as I got home from work last night, John and Josh were heading out to baseball practice.  Ryan had already left with John’s mom and sister for her birthday shopping trip.  Colton was down for a nap, so I went out to play with Ryan and Zora, and also Miss Laura who had just had her first day nannying for Noah and Zora (she’s a fabulous girl from church that we use to babysit our kids).  It was beautiful outside and we had a lot of fun!  Ryan spent the whole time swinging – what’s new?
After Laura and Zora left, Ryan, Aedan and I picked a whole bowl of strawberries from Pappaw’s strawberry patch.  We didn’t even get half-way through and the bowl was filled!  Then Ryan and I watered the gardens and headed inside to make dinner.  Just as dinner was finishing up, Colton woke up.

John and Josh got back and we all ate dinner.  Just as we were finishing up, Kylie came home and Grandma helped us start to hem Ky’s pioneer day dress.  After they left we started into the crazy part of the night!  Colton and Ryan got baths and went to bed.  John started working with Josh on his Koala presentation that he has to give on Wednesday.  Now here is the difference between Josh and Kylie:  When Kylie had this assignment, she did all the work and just practiced in front of us.  Not Josh – we have to remind him to work on this!  Thankfully, Josh is very smart and intelligent, so we really don’t have to help him, he just isn’t as self-motivated as Kylie is/was :)
While John was helping Josh, I was cleaning the house up because the cleaners were coming the next day, and  Ky was designing her birthday cake so that I could give that to the cake lady since her birthday is this week!  After she was done with that, I helped her with her math homework.  Normally Kylie doesn’t need any help with homework, but these were hard for her, so we worked through them and she started getting the hang of them.

Finally, at 9:45, the kids were done with their homework and went to bed.  John and I finished up cleaning and got to go sit on the porch at 10:00 for an abbreviated Front Porch Monday.  On top of all the craziness, I had a cold that had started coming in while at work, so the whole time I felt pretty crappy :(

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