Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a fabulous birthday/baseball/football weekend!

The weekend started off with Kylie’s birthday on Friday.  She decided that she wanted to go to Cinco De Mayo for dinner, so my parents and us all headed over there.  We had a wonderful Mexican dinner!  After that, we took Kylie to pick out her birthday present – a new bike!  She rode a couple at the first bike store that we went to and loved the second one.  We loaded it up and headed home where she, Josh and another neighbor all rode their bikes in the court.  After that, we went inside for Cake and she opened the present from my parents – piano lessons this summer!  Then it was time for bed…for everyone :)
The next morning, Kylie and I got up early and got ready for Race for the Cure.  A friend and her daughter met us at our house and we all headed downtown.  I had never gone to it (but have lots of shirts from each year :) ) – it was awesome!  We got some great free stuff at the booths and then had fun walking in the 1 mile family fun walk.  The weather was gorgeous!  After we were done, the four of us headed out for a great breakfast.
When we got home, John had started cleaning out the garage, so I helped him finish that while the kids played outside.  Then you could tell the heat had gotten to everyone, so we went inside and the kids watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked for the 1,000th time and rested on the couch.
That evening, we got everyone ready and headed out for Joshie’s first baseball game of the season.  What I got to watch of the game (Colton was being a little pistol) was so much more entertaining that his t-ball games were!  They still had a lot of errors, but they actually made outs, and hit the ball really well.  He’s playing in Little League this year and tried out to play up in the next group, so he’s one of the youngest players on the team (he’s playing with some kids that are exactly two years older than him).  After the game, we all went home, ate dinner, and crashed.
The next morning we got up and went to church and then came home to start another crazy day.  My mom had made lunch for us, so it was waiting when we got home, which was a big help.  I ran to the grocery store while everyone else ate, and then came home and started packing up for football.  John and Josh left early because he had pictures.  The other kids and I left an hour after that.
Because the games were cancelled the week before, Josh had two back-to-back games.  Our nanny, Miss G and Joshie’s teacher both came to the game, which was so nice for him and made him so happy!  I loved having Miss G there because even though I kept telling her to enjoy herself and watch the game, her natural instinct was to take care of Colton.  So as soon as he said “more” or “waer,” she was getting him more crackers and his water.  It let me take pictures and be able to watch Josh play!  They won the first game and lost the second (which was the game they desperately wanted to win and played their hearts out trying).  Again, we were beat!
But being a parent doesn’t mean that you get to go home and take a nap when you’re tired…no way.  As soon as we got home, Ryan was outside wanting us to play baseball with him!  Josh was asleep in on the couch, and Ryan and Colton were outside playing.  So John, Ryan, Colton and I played baseball in the front yard and played on the swingset.  After a little bit, I went in and made hot dogs for dinner, and after dinner, I got Ryan and Colton in bed, and the older kids, John and I had ice cream cones on the front porch.  It was a great way to end a very busy, tiring, fun weekend.

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