Friday, October 07, 2011

A Typical Weeknight...

Seriously, weeknights are kicking our butts! I constantly feel like I’m playing catch-up and I’m always so far behind…

Last night was a great example of where I feel so defeated. Kylie had gymnastics, so I dropped her off there and then came home and we all played outside while John mowed. I knew that the kids were starting to get hungry, but I couldn’t go in and make dinner because then I would have had to bring Ryan in with me, and he was having so much fun playing with Zora, so I decided to wait to make/eat dinner until after Kylie got home. That way too, John would be able to eat with us. So I played with the boys/entertain and fed Colton. I also had to clean Ryan up as he had an accident while playing (and I had just taken him potty 15 minutes before that!). Thankfully my neighbors were out and watched Colton for me so I didn’t have to drag him inside.

At 6:15 I loaded Ryan and Colton up in the car to go and get Kylie. We get home around 6:45 and Kylie immediately goes in to start homework and I go in and start dinner. Thankfully Colton really likes his doorway jumping thing (we call it “bouncy-bouncy”), so he jumped around and watched Ryan play while I made a simple dinner of mush and sausage. Right as dinner was about ready John came in and we all ate dinner. At this point it is about 7:15.

After dinner Kylie and Joshie shower and I go up and give Ryan and Colton a bath while John cleans the kitchen. After everyone is clean, it’s time for homework. Kylie studies math and Joshie finishes his homework packet and then studies for his spelling test. I get Colton fed and into bed, and then get Ryan’s teeth brushed and then him into bed. Joshie finishes his homework up around 8:40 and heads up to bed. Kylie whines about not being able to do well on her stuff, I pack her lunch for today and then she finally heads up to bed around 9:00.

Now John and I are ready to collapse at this point, but we have to get our stuff ready for the kids’ school carnival that’s tonight. We have a picture booth, so we need to test out the camera and printer. Finally, at 10:30 we sit on the couch. John is asleep within 10 minutes, so I head upstairs and go to bed myself. We are dead! On top of all that, Colton gets up to eat around 11:30 and then again at 3:00 AM.

This is a typical night for us…if Kylie doesn’t have gymnastics then Joshie has football, or John has a meeting, or I have something…and trying to stay on top of all the homework/schoolwork is draining! But don’t get us wrong, we do love this life that we have created, and while it may be hectic and chaotic while we’re in the fire, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Sherry said...

Oh I love the pictures, so precious, the faces PRICELESS, just like your life, right? Hectic is an understatment girl, whew, you do have alot going on. But like you said you wouldn't change it for the world. I read you blog and try to think back when my kids were young and the twins. I honestly think I ran more for the twins seeing how we now live in the boonies!!! But not as much as you do. You are amazing and trust me your children will soon know exactly how much you and your hubby do for them. They too will do the same for their children, remember children learn what they live, so no worries about your kids huh???

Kim3278 said...

I feel the same way....already! I am not sure what time your school system starts, but T has to be up at 630 to get started for her day. I try to have them in bed by 8 just so she can get the rest she needs. But just like you we love to eat as a family and it is a Priority for us as well. So we end up making crazy easy dinners to be eating by 630--then it is homework and bible studies, bath and bedtime routines. I feel like by the time 8:00 rolls around it is more like 9:00 and feel like a failure. Where is that quality time that I am suppose to give my kids??? I wouldn't change anything either..but know you aren't alone!!!

PS...those kids are too darn cute!