Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girl Time With Ky-Bear...

Last night was such a great girl night with Kylie!

First, she got to ride her bike while John ran, so they got to have a really good conversation about school buddies and God giving us opportunities. She got paired up as a buddy with a little boy with down syndrome, and she was nervous being around him because she didn’t know how to act, so John had a really great talk with her about how God gives us opportunities to show His love and to show kindness, and it was her choice whether or not she would go for it or not.

Once they got back she and I headed out to the mall to find her a winter coat. Luckily we found one she liked at the first store that we went to. After that we went looking for jeans for Ryan (we officially hit the age in which Josh put holes in the knees of all of his jeans, so Ryan has to get new ones from now on). After that I told Kylie that she could get a feather extension in her hair. She was ECSTATIC! She has been asking for one for a long time! It looks really cool!

After that we went to dinner at Cantina Laredo. She and I had some great conversation about boys and getting married. She said something about liking her best friend’s brother and I told her to never pick a boy over her best friend (because I told her that if she liked him she would not be allowed to go over to Rachel’s near as much anymore!). It was just such a fun night!

We got home late, around 9:30, so she showed John her stuff and then headed right up to bed. John had a pretty easy night with the boys…Colton slept the entire time I was gone and they just ate pizza and watched football! So definitely a successful night!

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Sherry said...

Sounds perfect and well have to toss in "luck" also. Seriously, the first store you went into, Kylie actually found her coat?? Wow huh? tee hee
Glad she had the interaction with the down syndrome child and your husbands explanation amazing and awesome!!
You and your hubby are GREAT really, know how to handle every situation with faith and love, I so wish all families were more like yours!!!
I bet Kylie is estatic w/ her feather!