Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Journey Softball...

Last year our church started a softball team. I was bummed because I love softball, but I was pregnant and couldn’t play :( So this year when they played again I was super excited! However, the league did not have enough teams sign up in the “for fun” league, so we were stuck in the competitive league…bad move…Our games are on Tuesday nights (were supposed to be on Friday nights) and some don’t even start until 8:20, and we always have a double-header. So needless to say, John and I have only played two nights because there is no way we can keep the kids out that late.

Last night was one of those nights…the games started at 6:20, and the weather was really nice, as opposed to the cold and rainy weather we have been having. So we loaded the kids up and brought along our neighbor girl that has just started babysitting.

When we got there, Kylie and Josh immediately ran off to play with their friends (there are always so many kids there!), and the babysitter entertained Ryan and Colton. John and I had a great time playing (although one of the first balls hit came right at me hard at third base and hit me smack in the knee…still very sore!). And it was so nice this time not having to worry about Colton and Ryan!

On the way home we grabbed dinner for John and I (the kids ate before we left) and Frosties for all the kids. Then it was time for showers and bed! We were all pretty exhausted from playing!

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Sherry said...

Okay first of all how is your knee? Keep an eye on that bugger, wow that must have hurt when the ball connected with it.
Sorry most of the games are so late, and I agree, too late for the kids, especially school nights.
Glad though that you and your husband do get a few games in and have fun!!! Just be careful, and let's call it "soft/dodge ball" tee hee