Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Chaotic, Apple Pie Evening...

Last night was a little chaotic…although it should have been a fun, quiet evening. What sent it into a tailspin? The little voice inside of me demanding that I make apple pie…

I was supposed to make apple pie on Sunday, but then John got his migraine, so I wanted to make it Monday night, even though clearly, something so time consuming should really be saved for the weekend…

I love my apple pie…I even took it to the next level this year by rendering my own leaf lard and making it extra flaky and good this year. So when I had to go two weeks without making it because we were out of town, I knew that I desperately had to get more made.

So last night I got home from work and immediately started making dinner. I should have known things were no going to go my way when I couldn’t get the grill to light. Thankfully, John stopped mowing and changed the propane tank for me :) So then I continued making the burgers while the kids played outside. After they were done, we all went in and I got them all situated for dinner and eating and I started making pie.

But Colton was crying because I was not giving him snacks fast enough in his high chair. And then I was about to throw my apple peeler out the window because my apples were getting soft and they weren’t peeling. Again, Johnny saved me by peeling and slicing my apples for me :) Then I started wrestling with the dough for the crust…cursing it the whole time and telling any of the kids that walked by how much I hate pie crust dough (but thankfully knowing how well-worth all of this pain would be in the end).

I finally got the pie in the oven around 7:30 and was able to work on spelling words with Kylie and get Josh started on his weekly homework. I also popped Colton into the sink for a bath and cleaned up the kitchen. All the kids then got ready for bed and tried some of the pie – none of the kids like it, which is fine by me because between John, myself, and our nanny, the pie goes fast enough as it is!

Finally, everyone but Ryan went to bed. I made myself a nice little serving of fresh apple pie and vanilla ice cream and sat and watched The Hart of Dixie (I love Rachel Bilson). After I was finished, I got Ryan ready for bed and he came and snuggled with me and we both fell asleep rather quickly.

So it was by no means a bad night, just a little crazy. And thankfully the little voice telling me to make apple pie has shut up, so maybe tonight we can enjoy more of this beautiful fall weather and relax a little :)

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Sherry said...

Sure your little voice has stopped telling you to make the apple pie, but now it has jumped to my head!!! Sounds soooooooooooooo yummy especially w/ the ice cream!!
I have been wanting to watch the Hart of Dixie but haven't yet, is it as good as the previews show it to be???