Monday, October 10, 2011

A Fabulous October Weekend!

What a weekend!

Friday night was the kids’ school carnival. John and I were “lucky” enough to volunteer* to work a booth the whole time. We took pictures of the kids and printed them on a little card that had the school’s name and the date. It seemed to be pretty popular this year which was good. In the beginning of the carnival I took Ryan out to jump on some of the big bouncy things which he loved. Josh was walking around with some of his friends, and Kylie was with her best friend. My dad also took Ry-Ry out while John and I were busy…he came back with rainbow colored hair :)

Saturday was so gorgeous here (the whole weekend was actually)! John and Josh had football practice in the morning and I did a bunch of stuff around the house. It was so great having the windows open and just relaxing! Even though I was organizing and “working,” the beautiful weather and sounds from outside made it so enjoyable!

Saturday evening was our niece and nephew’s first birthday party. So we went over to John’s sister’s house and all the kids had so much fun playing together! Again, the weather was so gorgeous and it was great sitting outside, hanging out with everyone, and watching the babies :)

When we got home from that party, Joshie headed over to the neighbor’s for his birthday party sleepover. John set up the Buckeye game outside to watch with a neighbor, and I got Colton to bed, Kylie over to my parents’ house, and sat and watched some TV.

Sunday morning we had church – John and I were teaching the little kids, as well as graduating our Kindergarteners during the service. It was a little hectic, but once we got back to the classroom after the graduation it was much better. Colton was the only baby in the nursery for a while so he got spoiled by the two workers :)

After church we headed over to Joshie’s game. We picked up lunch on the way, and Colton fell asleep :) So since Joshie had pictures an hour before the game, he and John went over there to get those done while the rest of us stayed in the car and ate our lunch. We had fun listening to We Sing Bible Songs and eating and talking :) About ½ hour later Colton woke up and we walked over to see the team.

Joshie’s game was fantastic! He had a really great flag pull, a long run, and a touchdown on top of all that! As always, I had such a great time watching him and his team play! They won by a ton which was nice too :)

After Joshie’s game I was supposed to go to the grocery store…on the way home in fact. But John was getting a Migraine. So we went straight home (on the way, Colton, Ryan and Josh fell asleep). When we got home, John took Ryan up to bed and laid on the couch with a blanket over his head. I took Colton upstairs to bed, Josh went out to play with Noah, and Kylie went over to my mom’s house. I took this time to very quietly fold laundry, unpack the car, and do some other miscellaneous stuff. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store because I was afraid Ryan or Colton might wake up and John was in no position to take care of them! So I had no choice but to do nothing :) What started out as an inconvenience and a pain (I hate it when I have plans and they get messed up), was actually a blessing in disguise! The weather was gorgeous! So I headed outside and read my Nook on the hammock…something I have not done since last fall! After I did that for a while, I went back inside and laid on my bed and watched some TV. With the windows open it was so relaxing! I kept telling myself how lucky I was to have this hour and a half to really enjoy myself!

Around 5:45 John woke up and his headache was gone. I was able to run to the store while he played with the kiddos and started dinner. When I got home, we all ate the pizza that he and Kylie had made, finished up homework and got the kids ready for bed. Kylie and I snuggled for a little bit and John and the boys watched football. Then it was bed time for everyone!

So a great and relaxing weekend! A nice treat after the crazy busy weekends we’ve been having!


Sherry said...

Gotta love that rainbow hair, sooooooooo cute. All the pics fantastic, love the family pic. You got great action shots of the game too.
Sounds like your weekend was perfect , well not the migraine part for you hubby, but other than that, perfect. and you had time to read, wow, now that is amazing. You have 4 children , do so much yet had time to read, Me no little ones, yet no time to read. I so need lessons from you!!

Jen said...

Oh, the hair is so adorable!! Love it! I am a FT working mom, but I don't love it.