Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some One-On-One Time With Colton...

Wednesday??? I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already…this week is going by so quickly…so quickly in fact that I haven’t done the weekend recap from last weekend yet…agghhh! Well here it is…

Last Friday evening we had a nice night at home just relaxing. I got the bright idea to make fried chicken, but had the unbright idea to use a small pot, so I ended up frying chicken for 2 hours before it was all done! Nonetheless, it was a good dinner and a good evening.

Saturday was absolutely amazing! John took Kylie, Josh and Ryan down to Athens for Homecoming. It was a chilly day, with brutal winds, and along with trying to squeeze in naps I realized that Colton would be miserable and a pain if we tried to take him down there too. So he and I stayed home and had a wonderful day together! John and the kids left at 7:30 AM, and I got to go back to bed for about an hour before Colton woke up. When he woke up we played and my dad came over and played with him too. After a little while it was nap time, so he went down and I got a ton of work done around the house.

The rest of the day I was able to play with him and get stuff done around the house that has needed to be done for a while. My biggest accomplishment was getting my scrap room completely cleaned out and organized! And I had such a great day playing with Colton and watching him explore as he army-crawled his way around the house.

My dad went and got us all dinner, and he, my mom, Colton and I sat around eating and just relaxing! Around 8:30 John and the kids got back and they were fired up with stories about their day. Especially Ryan – he was sound asleep but as soon as he heard my voice he popped up to tell me all about the football game. And then I found out that he had gone potty all day and didn’t have any accidents the whole time, so he had a really great day! After all the stories were done, we got the kids ready for bed and Kylie and Josh went over to my parents’ house and we all went to bed.

Sunday was church and then Joshie’s football game. Thankfully, the weather was gorgeous, so all the coats and blankets I had packed were not needed. Joshie had a great game (one touchdown and three flag pulls) and they won by a ton! The whole team did really well!

When we got home we ate some food and then relaxed a little. Josh and Kylie both wanted to play with the neat toy-things they had gotten from their grandparents the day before, so we helped them with those – Kylie got a piece of rock that she could chip through to find gemstones. She really loved it and it was really fun! Joshie got these Orbeez things that you put in water and watch grow…they were cool too! After that the kids went over to my mom’s to play for a little bit while John and I played with Colton and organized the house a little. When the kids got back, I surprised Josh and Kylie and took them to Menchie’s (a great frozen yogurt shop with a bunch of flavors and a huge toppings bar!). We each made up a dish and took them home to share with John and Ryan. After we ate our dessert it was time for bed.

So a pretty low-key weekend and most importantly, a great Saturday (and a very quiet one) with some great one-on-one time with Colton!

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Sherry said...

What a great weekend you had!!! Love the one on one time you had with Colton, sometimes you need that and so does he. You are so great devoting that special one on one with all of your kids, I love it and I know they do too!!
You are such a fantistic mom, you so need an award for "Mother of the Year!"
Love the pictures too they are great!!!