Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School - Joshie

Today we dropped Joshie off for his first day of Kindergarten. While driving into work I realized that I had not thought twice about it…he has been so excited to go, and today was the day, so we dropped him off and went on with our lives.

I started wondering if the fact that I had not shed a single tear, nor did the thought of being sad ever cross my mind, make me a “bad” mom? Now I know I’m not a bad mom, but is there something wrong with the fact that I’m so excited that my kids are reaching these milestones? Even when we took Kylie I know I felt sad, but I don’t think I cried (and if I did, I know it was because I was pregnant at the time and my hormones were crazy).

I have friends that have been crying for months knowing that their kids are starting school…seriously, why don’t I feel this way? I’ve always, thankfully, been able to easily detach myself from my kids…going to work is not really that difficult for me – I miss them, but in all honesty, I can go hours without even thinking about them because I’m busy with my work. I’m very grateful that I’m this way because it lets me get my work done at work and then go home and give them my full attention. For a long time I worried something was wrong with me in that I didn’t spend the day missing my kids, but I have learned that God has given me this “gift” so that I can continue to do what I love and still be a great mother.

So back to Joshie…he will be buying his lunch on the first day, which of course he was worried about because he doesn’t know how to do that. I told him that everyone is just like him and his teacher (who was Kylie’s Kindergarten teacher and we loved her) will teach him everything he needs to know. We got him in his seat and gave him a hug and we left. He was ready to color and do puzzles and had no problem with us leaving.

For now (because starting next year and the stupid legislation that passed requiring all Kindergarteners to go all day everyday), our school district has Kindergarten 2 full days per week and then every other Friday as well. I love this because while it gives kids an entire day to be at school to learn, it also gives them a nice break in between as they transition from, in our case, being at home all the time to being at school all the time. Josh won’t go back to school until next Tuesday.

I am leaving early again today so that I can pick them up from school and see how his first day of school went. I can’t wait to see his little face walk out that door!


Amy W said...

I completely agree with you...I miss them, but during the day I am busy and I know they are too. I didn't cry when Ashley started kindergarten, although I might when Audrey does, only because she the last one.

Sherry said...

Pfft!!! You a bad mom? NEVER in a million trillion years my friend. You said it all when you said you know the kids move on, and you make sure they have the best of what life can give them. You not crying I believe is what gives the kids the courage to go to school and be without you. It shows them strength, teaches them they all have to do things to move onward and you all know at the end of the day, you will all be together discussing the days events and just enjoying each other. You my dear are a perfect mom!!!
The twins are heading to college in Eastern WA and no tears here. Haha I know it's the second time around for me and the "empty nest" but yes I will miss them, but they need to go on with their lives, experience living on their own and learning that G'ma is a cush for them !!!! We move Ashley over on Monda, she rented a house w/ 2 others, so is excited. Bryce we move over on Sept 17th, he is going to be in the dorm, so me doing a little "happy" dance in my head, tee hee and me thinking of how to fix up the empty rooms, weed things out etc, mmm does that make me a bad G'ma?? No, I don't think so, I think it means the kids are adults, branching out finally and hubby, me and mama will settle into an entirely different routine. Just another step in life.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Once again, the little ones, back packs on , walking down the street, tears at my heart strings!!!! And the smile on Joshie's face, priceless!!!

Christy said...

Honestly I never thought I would be the emotional type with my kids, boy was I wrong! The big transitions are so hard for me, at least right at that time. I tend to get over it pretty quickly, and carry on. I don't think it is a bad thing at all.

Glad both kids got off to a good start at school, it is just amazing how quickly the time it going!!!