Friday, September 03, 2010

First OSU Game of the Season...

Last night was the Buckeyes’ home opener, and as usual, we used it as a great excuse to sit outside and hang out with the neighbors :)

John set up the projector in the garage, and we all ate our dinner in the driveway while watching the game. The kids all played the whole time – the older kids played football most of the time. They were so upset when we had to drag them into get ready for bed, but it was already late and a school night! So we took the filthy kids in and got them cleaned up and into bed. The guys ended up watching the whole game, but not being the biggest football fan and the fact that the Buckeyes had a very large lead, I went inside and went to bed :)

Go Bucks!

This is who we hope to be Ryan's future wife. They play all the time together, and when one of them is not around, the other one is constantly asking where they are at! She's a year older than Ryan...he's going for the older woman!


Sherry said...

Haha go Ryan, starting in young huh? so cute him and his future wife kissing. All the pics great, your family ones, wow , perfect.
I am like you not a football fan, but to be watching w/ neighbors and just enjoying the evening, yep I could do it.
Have a great day and I love the pics.

Kellie said...

Ewww...the sheer cuteness that is your family is HIDEOUS ;) I can't take how cute you guys are.

And you, look FANTASTIC!

Refresh my brain: how'd you lose your weight from Ryan?

Jillian, Inc said...

DO NOT think y'all could be any cuter. I wish I were 2 so I could be Ryan's girlfriend. haha. That boy is adorable!