Monday, August 23, 2010

Michigan Weekend...

This past weekend was so relaxing and so much fun!

Since John was down in Tennessee for the NASCAR race, I had decided that the kids and I would head up to Michigan for the weekend. Friday, I left work at lunch time and headed straight home to finish packing up the car. Around 1:15 PM the kids and I headed up north. They all fell asleep pretty soon into the trip, but they really only slept about 1 ½ hours, which surprised me. As we got into Detroit, for some reason, the GPS told me to get off of the highway. I didn’t understand why, but I followed along. I started to make the “slight right” that it was telling me, and all of a sudden I had to pull over because the sign above me said “Bridge to Canada” and another sign next to it said “After this point, you must continue on to Canada.” The kids were laughing and making jokes about going to Canada instead of Aunt Suzie’s while I tried to figure out where the heck I was! Luckily, between myself, the car GPS, and my phone, we were able to get back on the highway and continue on with our trip.

When we got there, I unloaded the car and Suzie called and told us she was on her way home. We found the sweetest surprises from her on her coffee table: A Parenting magazine for me, The Secret Garden book for Kylie (which she has now read over half of because she loves it so much), an activity book and toy dinosaurs for Joshie, and an Elmo book and fishies for Ry-Ry.

Once Suz got there we headed out to the mall to eat at Rain Forest CafĂ©. Even though they are extremely overpriced, I do like going there! After that we shopped a little – I got a new pair of jeans (have I mentioned how much I hate shopping while pregnant??) and I got Ryan a new pair of Crocs (he looks so cute in them!). Then we headed home and the kids went to bed while Suzie and I watched a movie.

The next morning was disappointing in that we had planned on spending the day at the pool, but it was both overcast/rainy and chilly! So Suzie took the kids on a walk to get cinnamon rolls, which we then cooked and ate, and then we just hung around and relaxed. A little while later when headed into the nearby town and ate lunch at a cute little place and the kids were so good! After that we walked to Blockbuster and got another movie for Suzie and I and a movie for the kiddos. There was a classic car show going on so while we walked we got to look at some really neat old cars.

After that we went and got the kids their school supplies. Leave it up to me to leave that to the last minute :) But we got just about everything on the list so it wasn’t that big of a deal that I waited so long. Then we went home to hang out and let Ryan get a nap.

After Ryan woke up, we went to dinner at a restaurant that serves great pizza. I learned there that Ryan is the only one of my kids that likes zucchini (he ate a ton of it). After dinner we went back and the kids got ready for bed and we sat down to watch their movie. After their movie was over, we put them to bed and watched our movie.

Sunday we got up and Suzie took the kids on a walk to Target again and got some stuff to make a nice big breakfast. We had chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry pancakes and bacon. After brunch Suzie took Kylie and Josh to the pool and I played with Ryan a little bit and then put him down for a nap. I got to watch some TV, and during commercials I finished packing us up. It was so nice because after I was done packing, I was able to lay and take a little power nap. Ryan woke up just as Suzie and kids were getting back (they had a ton of fun!). We loaded up the car and all of us headed to IKEA. It’s about ½ hour from where she lives, so we drove separately, knowing that the kids and I would continue home afterwards. We ate lunch there and then grabbed the couple of things we needed. We said good-bye to Suzie and headed out for the 3 hour trip home.

Suzie is always such a wonderful help with the kids. She kept trying to get me to take a nap and relax while she took care of them. She took them to the bathroom at restaurants and gave Ryan his bath. She tried to not let me help cook and overall was just so considerate! It was really hard leaving and it’s really hard being back to work on this Monday.

Thanks Suzie for a fabulous weekend!

"Me help!" Ryan said this over and over again all weekend (along with "Mommy need help?"). But when Suzie did let him help, he dumped the pancake mixture on his toes...twice!

The kids love Aunt Suzie!

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Sherry said...

Well seeing how you didn't go to Canada, haha had to toss that in, sounds like you all had a fantastic weekend.
The pictures are beautiful as is your sister, you and the kiddo's.
glad you made it home safe and sound, especially after trekking through Ikea!!! :)