Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School - Kylie...

Last night was the last night of freedom for most of the kids on our neighborhood (I say most because those going into Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten, i.e. Joshie, don’t start until Thursday). So to celebrate, we just relaxed at home and the kids did what apparently is turning into an end of summer tradition, and that is running through the sprinkler with their clothes on. I had to bring them in fairly early so that we could get baths and get to bed at a decent time.

As we were getting ready to get into bed, there was a knock at the door and Pappaw came in! I had no idea he was coming up! So Joshie went over to his house to sleep and Kylie and Ryan went to bed. John was at a softball game (kind of sore subject for me because I really wish I could be out there playing, but this little bun in the oven is preventing that!). So after the house was picked up and Kylie’s school stuff was packed, I climbed into bed and relaxed for a while. John showed up with Frosty as a surprise for me, and we watched TV and ate Frosties together, which was a nice little treat!

We woke up this morning and started the craziness! Our neighbor had this great idea at the end of last school year about having a big pancake breakfast out on the court on the first day of school. We thought it would be a really nice tradition each year for the kids. So Monday night we planned it and 7 families showed up for breakfast this morning! We had pancakes on the griddles, sausage and bacon on the grill and a ton of happy kids! I did see that Kylie has already started acting like a tween…our neighbor was taking pictures and told Kylie to get with her friend and Kylie’s response was “seriously.” My neighbor and I just looked at each other…knowing that I was in for so many years of trouble.

I really had a great time and the kids were in such great moods as they walked off to school together.

The only downside was the Joshie was really having a hard time since he wasn’t going to school today…he really felt left out. We just couldn’t get through to him that he was going tomorrow, and that it was awesome that he didn’t have to go everyday. At least tomorrow he will feel better…when he was sad last year there was nothing to comfort him with since he wasn’t going to school at all yet.

So we walked my second grader into her classroom and kissed and hugged her and left. I’m excited because I’m taking off a couple of hours this afternoon so that I can go and pick her up and see how her first day went!

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Sherry said...

What a fantastic neighborhood you live in!! A pancake breakfast send off, awesome idea and such a great memory for all the kids. WOW
The pics of the kids running through the sprinkler is so cute but girl the one of all the kids walking down the street , backpacks, heading for their big day, wow tugged at my heart strings. And Kylie in 2nd grade all ready?? WOW huh? Soon Josh in school time does fly, that's for sure.
You make your childrens life so fun and fulfilling I love it. But mmm I know why everyone is always so happy. Daddy bring mommy a frosty, yep keep mama happy everyone is happy!! :) Just the love that comes across, it's great, I so wish all families were like yours, it would truly be a "wonderful world"
Love all your pics!!!