Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Neverending List...

I can’t believe how crazy life is right now! For the past two months (i.e. the whole summary so far) we have been going non-stop, and I really hate it, but it’s part of life :)

Josh has been in both t-ball and football, which has really taken a toll on us. Football was supposed to end (and did for a week or two) right after t-ball started. But then the head of the football league contacted John and another coach and asked them if they wanted to put together an all-start team and play in a tournament a couple of hours away in the middle of July. John and Josh were of course ecstatic, so we went right back to the craziness of two sports with practices and games during the week. On top of that, t-ball was supposed to end right before the tournament, but the kids had the option of playing an extended season, and of course John and Josh were excited about that. It didn’t help that John coached both of these teams, so that just took up even more time.

Finally, now, as of August 3rd, the only sport we have going on is Kylie’s gymnastics, which is only on Saturday mornings right now. But she’ll start competing this fall, so there goes some weekends. And Josh will start football up again…it never ends!

On top of all of this, my sister is getting married in less than two weeks. We had her bridal shower and her bachelorette parties to put together, on top of just getting everything we need for the wedding. I have had so much fun doing everything for her wedding, but I think at this point I’m ready for the next two weeks to go by quickly :)

Here is what I still have left to do before the wedding:

1.) I just went and had my first alterations appointment for my dress. When I found out I was pregnant and exchanged my dress, I ordered one two sizes too big figuring it would be much easier to take it in than have to worry about letting it out. I tried it on for the first time yesterday and it just fits! So in other words, I can’t gain a single point in my belly in the next two weeks! On the bright side, my alterations bill will be cheaper :)

2.) I finally found Kylie’s shoes last night and had them dyed, but I’m worried they are too light (her dress is pink so we dyed the shoes pink but they are much lighter than the dress). But no matter what, I got such a great deal on her whole outfit: Her dress was $25 (rack sale, had some spots on it), $26 for alterations (it was a little tight on her), $16 for cleaning and pressing (all spots came out), and she fell in love with the ½ price shoes that totaled $19 with dying. Seriously, all of that is just over half of what the dress was supposed to cost originally! Her jewelry is costing me $55 – almost as much as her entire outfit!

3.) I’m still waiting for Kylie’s jewelry to come in. I really hope that it looks as nice as the website made it look and that the colors work out!

4.) I have to find hairstyles for both Kylie and me…I haven’t even started looking!

5.) I have to get the boys black socks. And pray that their tuxes come in perfect. The store that my sister arranged all of the tuxes through failed to tell her that they don’t have tuxes in sizes small enough for Ryan. So I went to a different place and found ones I think will look similar and work out. I called in later with shoe sizes and they seemed a little disorganized. I really hope everything comes in correctly!

6.) My other sister and I have to work on our toast. We are doing a funny one that involves pictures so it’s going to take a little work.

7.) I have to find a purse that will look cute with my dress.

8.) I have to find a baby-sitter for the kids for the day of the wedding. We know that it will be impossible for John and I to do everything we need to do for the bride and groom and still watch the kids. And it’s so hard to find a sitter in a different city. Thank goodness for Craig’s List! And luckily the kids will still be with me all day, I just need someone to do everything for them (i.e. feed them, play with them, etc.), so I don’t have to worry about the kids’ safety or anything.

9.) I have to get the boys’ hair cut before the wedding.

10.) I have to pack. I have to make sure all of this stuff I’ve been accumulating for the wedding actually makes it down to Athens. I have to make sure I have toys for the kids to play with. I have to make sure we have enough stuff for 4 days…it will be a lot of packing!

Now that work has slowed down and the sports are done, we actually have more time and this list is not that daunting. I just want to make sure everything is perfect for my sister’s big day and that I’m not stressed in the process :)


Sherry said...

WOW!!! Your list overwhelms me,can't imagine how you feel. But I know you of all people can pull it off and all with be smooth as silk. Hard to believe your sisters wedding is only 2 weeks away , time flies.
Great deal on Kylie's dress and shoes, pays to shop around doesn't it?
You have had a busy summer but at the same time a fun one, so all is good. I know you wouldn't want it any other way, right??

joven said...

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