Friday, June 04, 2010

Yesterday was Kylie’s 7 year-old well check. She was excited because she was pretty sure she didn’t need any shots.

I picked her up from school and we headed to the doctor’s office. She’s so funny because she told me she hates leaving school and then coming back because people look at her and ask her where she was. Who cares?!? I told her that I tell people if I’m going to the doctor…it’s no big deal.

We get there and the appointment was super quick! The doctor did the usual stuff and we didn’t have anything to discuss so she was in and out of there. I can’t remember the specifics, unfortunately, but she weighs about 48 lbs. and was in the 35 percentile and she is 46 ½ inches tall and in the 22 percentile.

After her appointment we had our usual lunch at Olive Garden. I love taking her out to eat! She’s such fun little company, and obviously as she gets older she gets more and more fun.

I forgot my camera :( so I had to take the picture with my cell phone which does horrible indoors. But here is the picture of her at our lunch. The one of her back is her showing off how she started the trend of everyone signing her camp shirt at school. We sent her to school with a Sharpie and everyone thought it was so cool to sign her shirt.

She also had her boy-play date last night. It went pretty well…I think she had a hard time realizing that boys want to play different things than girls a lot of times. They finally got into their groove when she suggested digging in the dirt to look for bugs and worms. Thank goodness I have a well-rounded little girl :)

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Sherry said...

She is so adorable and just growing before my eyes, so for you has to be un-real at time right? Growing up to be a well balanced beautiful girl, so be proud of her.
Love her camp shirt and great idea to have everyone sign it!!!