Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Last Day of School...

Yesterday was Kylie’s last day of school…she is now a second grader!!! (and Josh is a Kindergartner!!).

I was supposed to take ½ day of PTO so that I could go to her party, but when I called my temporary nanny (because our normal nanny is on maternity leave), she was still asleep because she thought I was taking the whole day off, I decided to take the whole day off.

So I got to feed the kids breakfast, make Kylie a lunch for the last time for a couple of months, and then take Kylie to school. The weather was gorgeous, so that just made it even better!

After we took Kylie to school we took Josh over to urgent care because the night before he had stoved his finger playing football and woke up to it bruised and swollen. Since I was already off work and I wanted to be sure he was OK, we had some x-rays taken. Thank goodness nothing was broken and once the doctor wrapped his fingers together he was good to go!

When we got back to the house I put Ryan down for a nap and Josh and I went outside. We brought out some chips and salsa because 10:30 was too early for lunch, but we were hungry! Josh played with the little boy that lives behind us and I read a magazine for a little bit. I went in and made us some sandwiches and then went in and woke Ryan up so that we could go to Kylie’s party. They were getting out 2 hours early, so her party started at 12:00.

All of the classes were outside and we quickly found Kylie’s and watched as she played games. Most of the games involved water balloons, and unfortunately, our creepy neighbor, who was also in charge of the party, was trying so hard to get the teacher all wet with the balloons and tubs of water, was going after her and as she was trying to get away from him she tripped over Josh. He started crying and we were consoling him when I heard Ryan start crying and when I looked at him he was soaked! So I took his shirt off (luckily we had towels so we were semi-prepared) and got him to stop crying.

After the games we had ice cream sundaes from Culver’s which tasted so good! Then we all headed inside where their teacher gave them little gifts and everyone said their good-byes.

After the party, Kylie’s best friend came over and they played while Josh took a nap. Ryan and I played outside for a little bit and then he went up for a nap. We had dinner and then Josh had a t-ball game where he had 2 good hits with John pitching! We ended the night with three kids in one bathtub having a blast playing together. After baths Kylie and Josh actually spent a long time playing together up in Kylie’s room. They were trading Silly Bandz and counting their money together.

It was a really good day!

Kylie and her teacher:

The teacher had the kids line up against the wall so that she could throw water balloons at them! (She threw them at the wall above their heads): Kylie and her "twin" Jordyn:
Kylie was not happy about the bubblegum bubble-blowing game:
She did end up smiling during the game:

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Sherry said...

Wow school is out!! Sounds like you had a great day and I LOVE LOVE the pictures. sorry Ryan got soaked!!!!