Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joshie's Birthday...

I took the day off for Joshie’s birthday. Because of this, I let Kylie have two of her friends spend the night. Thursday morning, everyone woke up in great moods and I made a huge breakfast of French toast, French toast sticks, bacon and sausage for everyone. After breakfast we all loaded up the car and I took the girls home and we left for Joshie’s 5-year check-up.

He was so nervous about the shots. He was acting a little silly with the doctor because he was so nervous. The doctor asked some questions about his eating since he’s so small for his age (and dropping percentiles each year) but not really concerned because he’s proportionate and I told her that he does eat, he just never stops moving!

He did end up getting two shots and screamed his little head off! He tensed up so much before the shots, and I think that’s what contributed to him having a hard time walking all day! I had to give him Motrin, and I never have to give my kids medicine after their shots!

After the appointment we headed to Culver’s for lunch. Poor Ryan fell asleep on the way there because he was so tired! The kids had a good lunch, and afterwards, we headed to a little cupcake bakery in town to pick up some birthday cupcakes for us to eat that night. They had so many kinds that looked so good! After we picked so good flavors out we headed home and everyone (including me) took a 2 hour nap!

After our naps we headed outside to play. John came home and we gave Joshie one of his presents, which was a watch. He loved it! It has a timer, alarm, and is waterproof…he brags about it to all of his friends :)

A little later we loaded up the car and grabbed our neighbors and headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s. All of the kids had so much fun playing! I love going on weeknights because there was hardly anyone there and the kids could easily run around and play.

We got home pretty late, but we still ate our cupcakes and opened presents. John and I got him some more boxers, a camping latern, water balloons and a headlight for his bike. My mom also got him some more boxers, and my in-laws got him some magnetic printing paper, $5 and a McDonald’s gift card. He was all smiles the whole time and loved each gift!

It was such a great birthday day for him!

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Sherry said...

Now how can three kids be that adorable??? I love the pictures, the smiling faces, the love showing through and dang just great to start my day looking at the kids.
Poor Josh though with his shots, mmm some b'day gift that was!! JK!!
Sounds like you all had a great time and Josh did great in the gift department!!! Love your post!!