Monday, June 07, 2010

A Busy Football Weekend...

This past weekend was so exhausting. Fun, but exhausting!

I only worked ½ day on Friday, so John and I headed over to the Memorial Tournament. John has a friend that’s family has a house on the 18th green, so we went there, had a fabulous lunch and just sat out on the upper deck and watched as golfers came by and played. It was so relaxing and nice!

Friday night we had our house church people over for ice cream sundaes. We all hung out outside while the kids played on the swing set and the trampoline while the adults watched them and talked. We ended the night with the kids trying to catch the few lightening bugs that were out :) I got to end the night by snuggling with Kylie and fell asleep with her in her bed which was a nice treat :)

Saturday morning John and Josh left around 7:45 AM for their big day of football games at the Horseshoe! Their first game was at 9:00 and we were just praying that it didn’t get rained out…we had woken up to heavy rain and the forecast called for off and on rain all day. Thankfully the rain was just up where we lived and not down by the stadium.

Meanwhile, my dad dropped Ryan off because he was going down with Josh and John. Ryan cried non-stop the whole time I got ready and got Kylie ready for gymnastics. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him! He didn’t want any food or drink…he just cried! Finally I loaded us all up into the car and he fell asleep right after I dropped Kylie off.

I drove over to Yutzy’s when I pulled in Ryan woke up. He was happy and joking around with me while I got our lunch meat. I bought his donuts and he started eating one while I drove over to Dings and Dents. When we got there, he handed me ½ of his donut, which was weird, but I figured he didn’t like how messy he had gotten. As we were shopping, I rubbed his head and he was burning up! So we hurried up and of course just as we’re ready to leave it starts pouring outside! I quickly get him in the car and then get the groceries in too. We head home so that I can get some last minute items (including Motrin for Ryan) and put the groceries in the house.

We head over to get Kylie and get to watch her last 15 minutes. After that we drive down to the Horseshoe to see Joshie’s next game. When we got there we found the other team parents, my dad and John’s parents. It’s amazing how different the Shoe looks without all the red and white fans! It looks so much smaller and older.

Joshie’s game got going and it was so fun watching him again! They ended up winning their game 15 to 14 and they did their “ooga ooga touchdown Titans” cheer one last time in the Horseshoe!

We had about 2 hours until their next game, so John’s parents, Kylie, Ryan and I headed to get lunch while the team went to get ice cream since they had eaten lunch during the previous break. Ryan was not eating anything, which is just not like him at all.

We met the team at Graeter’s and then headed back to the stadium. Ryan fell asleep on the way back because by now it was 3:30 and Ryan had missed at least one nap. We all went over to the practice field and got ready to watch the game. The Steelers got the ball first and their star player ran a touchdown on the very first play. Then the refs called lightening and we all had to head back into the stadium. I’m glad we did because not long after we got in there it started pouring! My dad let me use his chair and I just sat with Ryan while he rested on my shoulder and I watched all the kids running around after each other and playing. It was so neat to watch! The coaches were all trying to keep everyone calm so that they could keep their energy, but it wasn’t working :) Our team had a serious disadvantage because we only had 5 players, and that’s how many play at a time, so our players never got breaks during the game, except for half-time and time-outs.

Finally they let us back on the field and we started the game back up. The Steelers missed their extra points and we responded with a touchdown of our own and we got our extra points. The game went back and forth like that the whole time. The bad thing was that the Steelers had one great player, and they gave him the ball every time (12 times in total), which is against the rules, so we were a little frustrated. But Joshie scored an awesome touchdown! John was supposed to fake to him, but instead he saw there was an opening up the middle so he handed him the ball and yelled “Go! Go!” Joshie ran right up the middle and scored!

In the end we were about 1 play away from winning and we ran out of time. The Steelers beat us 27 to 25. It was frustrating, but at the same time it was 6:00 and we all were tired! I don’t think our little Titans would have had another game in them!

That night we ended up grilling out some chicken for dinner and then going to bed. Ryan took a nap as soon as we got home and woke up around 8:30 and then laid in bed with me at 10:00. He still had not eaten hardly anything all day, and he didn’t sleep well at all that night. But honestly, him not feeling so great was a lot easier on me the whole day. He was content to sit in the stroller or let me hold him the whole time whereas if he were feeling fine he would have been running around all over the place and I wouldn’t have gotten to see Joshie play very much.

Sunday we woke up for church and Ryan was much better! We went to church and Ryan ate some cereal and his usual donut! After church we went over to my niece’s for her 3rd birthday party. Ryan didn’t eat lunch and was feeling warm again and fell asleep laying on me.

After the party John had to go and get measured for his tux for his brother’s wedding, so we headed to the mall. After that we went to Sonic and got slushies and milkshakes and the kids were in such great moods all the way home! We declared that as soon as we got home (4:00), it was family nap time. We all took naps and Ryan and I ended up sleeping 2 hours! I was so worn out and sadly the nap only helped a little :( We all went outside to play and caught up with our neighbors. After that we went and got some pizza and had a great dinner!

Like I said, it was an exhausting weekend, but watching Joshie play in the Horseshoe was priceless! And unfortunately, our busy weekends don’t stop for a long time…


Anonymous said...

Poor baby :( Hope he's feeling better.

Sherry said...

I so understand why you slept for 2 hrs , girl you tire me out just reading about your busy days, wow, no clue how you keep up.
How is Ryan feeling today? Better I hope, it's hard when they don't feel good, but like you said, he snuggled w/ you so hey one good thing you got to see the great game Josh played.
Love the pics and all the details about your weekend, it's so great to read. I tell you "The Perfect American Family" great show and you all could star in it!!!!! :)

yifanwang said...

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Wonderful article, wonderful pictures!
And I like what you write on About Me. it inspire me again to love and cherish what god give us.