Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Great Weeknight...

Last night was such a fun night!

John had a church leadership team meeting, so the pastor’s wife suggested that the wives and kids go to Chick-fil-a to eat dinner and play, and then everyone meet back at the pastor’s house for a fire and s’mores.

I have to admit that it can be exhausting for me to take all three kids out by myself. Ryan still needs carried most of the time and trying to order food, get it back to the table, get everyone fed, and then eat myself can be difficult and tiring. But luckily some people stayed back at the table with the kids while I got the food, so that part was easy :) I still didn’t get to eat until later by the time I got everyone else’s food out and cut up and I had to keep giving Ryan drinks of “chocamilk” because it wasn’t in a sippy cup.

After we ate the kids went in the play area and had a blast! Even Ryan was able to play by himself in the little kids area, so I was able to sit with a friend and talk while we watched all the kids. Our kids have all known each other their whole lives and really enjoy playing together!

After about 2 ½ hours there, we headed over to the pastor’s house and sat by the fire. The guys joined us right after we got there and the kids continued playing together in the yard. We didn’t end up leaving until 10:00 and Ryan had already fallen asleep on John’s shoulder. Joshie told some of the ladies "this is the best night ever!"

It was so nice to hang out with friends and just sit and relax. It’s hard to do that at home because when you’re home, you always feel like there’s something to do, so relaxing rarely gets done.


Sherry said...

Oh wow, sounds like a great night and kudo's to your friends that watched the kids for you while you ordered the food.
Sounds like everyone had a great evening and yes I agree. When you are home it is super hard to just relax, due to every dustball, fingerprint etc calling your name!!! :)
Glad you had a good night out, you so deserve it and awesome the kids are growing up together in such a loving enviroment!!! And as always a family that prays together, stays together!!!!

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