Monday, June 29, 2009

Powell Fest Weekend...

What a weekend!

Friday night was the beginning of Powell Fest. It was also the night of the NHL draft. My dad took Joshie downtown to the arena for that, and my mom, Kylie, Ryan and I headed to the festival. We saw John, and then went and got some dinner. Kylie ran into one of her friends from school and they decided they wanted to have a sleepover, so Kylie stayed at the festival with them while the rest of us went home. Since John was working late, Joshie snuggled in bed with me (I felt honored since he could have gone over to Pappaw’s house!).

Saturday morning Ryan woke me up at 7:30, so he and I went down to the family room to play while everyone else slept. John woke up and got ready to head back over to Powell Fest, and when Joshie finally woke up (he slept until 9:00!), I made some pancakes for him, me and Pappaw.

After breakfast we headed outside. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny and warm…my optimal Saturday! Joshie and I weeded my garden, played baseball, and got the sprinklers out. I went and picked Kylie up and she came out back with us and ran through the sprinklers (I ran through too!) and jumped on the trampoline. My parents were sitting out there with us too…it was so very relaxing!

We went in to eat lunch and then the kids took their naps. When the kids woke up we headed back over the Powell Fest. We said “Hi” to John and the kids got their picture taken (his booth is set up to look like a police line-up and kids come in and get their mug shot taken). Then we rode a ride and went over to the jumping things. It was hot, but the kids had fun. On the way out we stopped and got some kettle corn and lemonade to take back home.

Powell has their fireworks at the end of Powell Fest (instead of on the 4th of July like everyone else). Our next door neighbors and our neighbors next to them can see them from their backyard, so they invited us over to watch them. After dinner I made some funnel cakes so that we could feel like we were at Powell Fest watching the fireworks :) They were a hit and were gone before the fireworks were over!

Powell does a great job with fireworks and they lasted a long time! After they were over, Kylie and Josh went inside with the other kids to watch Scooby-Doo. I took Ryan home and put him to bed. John came home and we headed out again to hang out with the neighbors for a little while longer. It was a long, but really fun day.

Sunday we went to church and then I made French toast for lunch. After that the kids took a nap and I ended up trying to take one too. Afterwards Kylie went to a movie with my parents and Joshie, Ryan and I went to the grocery store. The boys were fantastic! I put them in one of those car-carts and even Ryan had so much fun driving! They were so good it made shopping so easy!

After that we went out to play baseball with Joshie and then when Kylie came home, Joshie, Kylie and I rode bikes. Joshie is getting a ton better on his!

I started making dinner and things just seemed to fall apart. All of a sudden we heard crying inside, and John and I rushed to find that the wind had closed the front door on Joshie’s hand. We iced it and he went back to playing. Then when they had started eating, John came inside with a crying Joshie and told me to get ice. It turns out Joshie had fallen back in his chair and his head had hit the driveway hard. John even thought we might have to take him to the ER because he wasn’t remembering things (we asked him where we had all gone together that morning and he said “gymnastics” (it was church) and John asked him who he had watched a movie with last night and he said “grandma and Pappaw” (it was just kids watching the movie)). Luckily he started showing he was just confused and he recalled little details from the past couple of days, so we knew he was fine (that and the crazy dancing he was doing after his bath). He does have a huge goose-egg on the back of his head though! Unfortunately though we did want to watch him throughout the night, so he couldn’t sleep with Pappaw :( He was pretty upset about that, but at least he got to sleep with mommy and daddy!

I had the perfect ending to the weekend with Kylie snuggling into bed with me (while John and Joshie were down on the couch) and us talking about what she learned in Carlo's class that morning. She said she had learned about selfishness and how we are supposed to think about other people before we think about ourselves. I told her that she had shown a wonderful example of not being selfish that afternoon at lunch...there was one piece of sausage left and both she and Joshie wanted it. She cut it up, and tried to give him the bigger piece (and it was way bigger). I told her that I was so proud of her giving up something she really likes because her little brother wanted it. I love that little girl!

So it was overall a great weekend! And with a three-day weekend coming up, I can’t help but hope it’s even better than this past weekend!


Sherry said...

omg love that last pic, Ryan and his tongue too cute for words. All the pics are great. What some at Powellfest and some in your yard?
How is Josh's head? Hope his goosebump is down now. And his hand? Poor lil guy took a beating didn't he?
Glad other than Josh getting his boo boo's you all had a great weekend!!

Kim3278 said...

And then there is Ryan. I love seeing all the kids' cute pics and then you scroll down and there is Ryan with his toungue hanging out. LOVE IT.