Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Now I Have a First Grader!

Yesterday was Kylie’s last day of Kindergarten. I really and truly feel like I just took her for her first day. I remember it vividly…it was hot out and I was very pregnant :)

I took a long hard look at her yesterday, walking through the halls, and I saw a little girl that has grown 3 inches in the last year, and who is now an “expert” at this whole school thing. I also see a girl who loves to learn…she’s very depressed that school is over and can’t wait to go back already.

I told her that I would come and have lunch with her on her last day, and thankfully I did because they had a class party that I didn’t know anything about (which is very unlike me). So I left work early headed over there. We had lunch, went to recess, and then her party was outside. They had relay races, ate watermelon, made ice cream, and played a bunch of other games. When it was over, we went back into her classroom to get all her stuff. The room was pretty empty, which was sad (why did that make me want to cry?), and each child had a bucket full of toys waiting for them from the teacher.

For her teacher’s gift, she said she wanted to get her some books. So we had gone over to the bookstore and she read through a bunch of books and picked two out that looked neat. One of them was called “The Night Before Kindergarten.” We thought it would be a neat book for her teacher to read to the new kids next year. Kylie really liked that book, and they just happened to have one called “The Night Before First Grade” too, so I secretly picked that up for her, along with chapter book about a little girl in first grade to give her as “Kindergarten graduation presents.” Our school doesn’t do a graduation or anything, but I think it’s a big deal that she finished her first year of school with such success!

So we walked home, for the last time this year and as a Kindergartener. I gave her the new books when we got home and she started reading the chapter book and really liked it. To say I’m impressed with her reading skills would be an understatement!

So now it’s time for her to have a summer of fun! Our nanny was trying to console her when she was sad about school being done by telling her all the fun things they would do during the day this summer – it helped a little :)

I’m just so proud of my little princess!

Our nanny with Josh and Ryan at the party:

Kylie with her friend Jordyn:

The kids making ice cream (not worth the effort at all!):

Kylie in the sac race!

Joshie at recess:


Sherry said...

Okay I feel I am watching your three beautiful children grow up, right here in the blogging world. So early in the morning, reading it was Kylie's last day of Kindergarten and she is now a first grader, well yeah I got teary eyed. Okay I am a "grandma" through and through. I see all these children growing up so fast. Happy for them for the thrills they feel and the "high" they feel knowing they are advancing in life, but wow, slow down huh? They grow up so fast, and it's amazing to me all the skills they learn in one school year. Reading at the end of kindergarten wow huh?
So glad you didn't miss her last day, cause I know you are always "on it" as far as your children go.
Congratulations Kylie on being a First Grader now!! :)
All your pics are awesome and not only do you have a beautiful young girl, but two handome son's too.
Yep I remember reading your blog about Kylie's first day of school too!!!

Anonymous said...

How sad :( But, how exciting she's a first grader now :) She's an adorable little girl and I remember reading your post on her first day of Kindergarten. It's like getting to watch your kids grow up!!