Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday!

Another wonderful week coming to an end – it’s Friday!

For Joshie’s birthday we went to Culver’s for cheeseburgers and cheese curds :) My mom and sister met us there, so it was a nice little party for his “real” birthday. After dinner we headed to the park to play some tennis (he loves to play!) and play on the playground.

Last night John took the kids to gymnastics and I stayed home because Ryan was sleeping. I was able to make a great dinner of tacos and sweet corn cake (per Kylie’s request). After dinner Kylie watched “Stick It” and Josh played hockey.

This weekend is Powell Fest, which is always so much fun! John has a booth there, so he’s never able to help me take the kids around. Last year it was a pain, but this year, with Josh being older and me not being hugely pregnant, I’m not worried at all! So we’ll probably head over there tomorrow after naps.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Sherry said...

Josh has had his birthday stretched out but hey, that's a good thing. He sounds like he is into all kinds of sports and at his young age that is great. Soon he will be able to pinpoint his one love, yeah now hockey, and focus on it and watch our next Olympian!! :)
Sounds like a fun week end coming up for you, enjoy and have tons of fun.