Monday, June 22, 2009

Joshie's Birthday Party...

What a weekend!

Sunday we had Joshie’s 4th birthday party at the Chiller, which is an ice rink that is centered around the Columbus Blue Jackets, which just happens to be Joshie’s favorite hockey team! We all know how obsessed with hockey he is :)

It was the easiest party we have ever had! We arrived ½ hour early and really had nothing to do! There was a hostess that was in charge of everything! The guests started getting there around 1:30 and we dug into the pizza. After that it was time for cake and ice cream. When we sang “Happy Birthday,” Joshie requested that we say “Jackets” after each “Happy birthday to you;” it was really cute! After cake and ice cream, it was time to open the presents. He got some really great gifts! Almost everything was sports related!

After presents everyone headed down to ice skate. I stayed up in the party room, which had an awesome view of the ice, and watched Ryan, my niece Mya, and my friend’s little boy. Everyone ice skating had so much fun!

After the party we were all pretty tired, so we just went home and relaxed. Joshie kept saying that his party day was his fake birthday, and Wednesday will be his real birthday.

My sister (Aunt Suzie) gave Joshie a Red Wings Jersey for his birthday. She lives in Michigan, and Joshie has agreed to cheer for the Red Wings "only when CBJ is out of the play-offs."

Kylie with Mya:

The birthday boy:

Joshie with his "girlfriend" Isabella. She was the only person that Joshie really cared about having at his party :)

My sister (Aunt Cindy) with Kylie and Ryan:

From left to right: Caden, Griffie, Cousin Carson, Joshie, Ryan, Kylie, Isabella and Cousin Mya:

Joshie opening his "Boys Rule" sign:

This is an NHL team matching game! Joshie knows almost all of the teams by their logos:

John skating with Joshie:

Kylie and Joshie:

Kylie with Aunt Sarah:

Joshie with Pappaw and Aunt Suzie:

John helping Isabella skate:

Kylie and John:

Ryan playing with Joshie's new Wiffle balls in the party room:

Mya giving Ryan a hug:

Ryan and his gorgeous eyes:


Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Looks like Josh had a great time at his party! You've got 3 beautiful kids and it seems like there might be another birthday coming up soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Girly, you have one beautiful family!

Glad Josh had a great party :)

Sherry said...

You are so right Ryan does have gorgeous eyes, that last pic, omg, it's awesome. Well all the pics are awesome and the little Myra is adorable.
Your kids so beautiful, your entire family beautiful and the skating party, well great choice, everyone looks like they are having a blast.
Happy Birthday Josh!!!!

Christy said...

Super belated happy birthday to Josh!!! I can't believe he is 4 now, where do the days go? I love the pics! Ryan does have the most beautiful eyes, you are going to be in trouble one day ;)