Monday, June 01, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend!

What a weekend!

At work, since the homebuilding industry sucks and we don’t get raises or bonuses, my boss has let us leave an hour early on Fridays during the summer, so I was able to get home a little early. The kids were playing outside, so I started getting our flower beds ready for the mulching we were going to be doing on Saturday.

Kylie had Super Games at school that day (the equivalent of “field day” when we were little), and she had so much fun! But she kept complaining that the teachers had water guns and could get the kids wet, but the kids weren’t allowed to have water guns! I told her that the teachers deserved a day to get the kids!

Saturday morning my little man had me up at 6:30…not fair on a Saturday morning! So we got up and decided that we would go for a run/bike ride. John ran while he pushed Ryan and Josh in the jogging stroller, and Kylie and I rode bikes. The sun was out and it was gorgeous! When we got home I went in and made pancakes while Kylie started writing her thank-you notes for her birthday party.

Our mulch was delivered and we headed out to the garden store to pick up a few last minute items. When we got home, Josh left with my mom to go down to Athens to visit my dad for a few days.

The mulching project took all freaking day! Thankfully there were neighbor kids out for Kylie to play with, and Ryan slept a ton, so we didn’t really have to worry about the kids. But John decided he wanted to cut an edge out of our beds, and I was being a nice daughter and mulching my parents’ beds as well. So at 6:30 we finally went in to take showers.

We ran to Pei Wei for take-out (the only reason I went there was for chicken lettuce wraps and when we got home I found out they forgot to give me lettuce!), McDonald’s for Kylie, and the supermarket for a huge bottle of margarita mix. We came home and started a fire and sat outside…it was so relaxing! Then Kylie and I came in and snuggled together and fell asleep.

Sunday, after church, was my niece Mya's 2nd birthday party. The weather was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun! I just love this age when they’re saying new words and trying so hard to talk to you.

After the party I planted my veggies in my garden and ran to the grocery store with Kylie…blasting Mamma Mia the whole way there! She loves that song! Then we cooked out and came in and relaxed.

It was a great weekend, even though it went by way too quickly!

Mya opening presents:

The birthday parade:


Anonymous said...

Your weekends always look and sound like so much fun! I've made an executive decision: Morgan and I will be coming to spend weekends with you :)

ED Blogger said...

Hello I just landed on your site from my blog hop and I'm glad I did :) I noticed on one of your photos that your daughter likes Dora too, my 17th month old daughter loves Dora too. And I could even sing Dora songs even when I'm asleep hahha..

Sherry said...

I love the pictures, they are all great!!! The happy smiling faces of the kids is just priceless.
Mulching, eww that's a rough job for sure, but not aren't you glad you got it done???
Sounds like you had a great weekend like you alway do. Dang can't beat family life huh?