Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

What a very busy weekend!

Friday I got the afternoon off and went home and hung out with the kids. When it was nap time, I started in on all my work, hoping to get the majority of it done before the weekend even really started! I did laundry, recorded all of the goodwill donations I had accumulated, changed sheets, and picked up downstairs.

Friday night we grilled out and then my parents watched the kids while John and I headed to a local bar to watch the end of the hockey game. John and I had a great time hanging out together…I thank God for my parents…they understand and appreciate how important it is for us to remember why we are together and not live our lives solely for the kids.

Saturday morning we were supposed to head over to a garage sale that was supposed to have tons of scrapbooking/stamping stuff. But I had stuff that had to go back to IKEA by the middle of July, and our weekends were going to be so packed. So I went over and begged my parents to watch the kids (no begging needed…they were happy to help me) so that John and I could head over there. It was kind of fun being spontaneous again (we used to be that way all the time…but then the kids came along :) ). It was so nice to have those two hours in the car to talk without hearing “mommy, mommy, mommy. Can you turn the movie up? Can we watch a movie? I’m hungry. I’m thirsty.”

At IKEA we went to town! We got a craft table and big bookshelf-organizer thing for the playroom (which is the only thing currently set up), a dresser for Joshie, and 3 tables and a wall-shelf-thingy for my scrapbooking room. We also got some other miscellaneous items. Our car was stuffed to the brim!

Saturday night we ate some food and then our good friends that have moved were in town one last time. They finally sold their house and were here to pick up the last few things. So we had a fire and sat outside with them and some other neighbors while all the girls played (poor Joshie was the only boy!).

Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch with our friends before they left to go back to NY. Then Sunday afternoon John and I started putting IKEA furniture together! Since it was the playroom, it took us all day because I was going through every toy and deciding whether to keep it, donate it, or save it for future kids. It was a good day for me to do that because I was donating stuff left and right…I’m sick of all the clutter!

Our nanny is on her honeymoon right now, so my mom and John’s parents are taking turns watching the kids this week. So John’s parents came over Sunday evening and we ate dinner and then went on a bike ride. After the kids were in bed we finished up in the playroom and didn’t get to bed until 12:45 AM. That in and of itself wouldn’t have been so bad except Ryan had me up 3 times between that and 6:00 :(.

Monday evening John took Kylie to gymnastics and also took Josh with him. I was able to get Ryan down for a nap and take a mini-nap myself since I was so exhausted! Then we cooked out and then got the kids in bed so that we could continue the Monday tradition. John and I grabbed a glass of wine and headed out to the front porch with his parents and my mom. Those two hours were so much fun! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! We were joking and discussing an upcoming wedding and between the 5 of us, we had discussed some pretty funny scenarios!

Tonight Kylie and Josh are heading down to Athens with my in-laws for some time down there. Ryan will stay up here with my mom. Maybe I can get another nap in tonight? :)


Sherry said...

Wow a jammed packed week end but tons of fun mixed in there!!! My daughter would be hyperventilating knowing someone else that buys "everything" at Ikea, haha. I think she comes for Ikea and not to see me!!! :)
I love to hear of the quality time with the kids, your parents and your husband's parents, but most of all love the fact you kept your Monday tradition. Sounds like it was relaxing, fun and just the perfect evening.
I look forward to each and every post you and your family are the BEST!!!!

Shoe_Gal said...

"I thank God for my parents…they understand and appreciate how important it is for us to remember why we are together and not live our lives solely for the kids."

I love this comment. It is well-written and loaded with meaning. I really enjoy reading your blog and it sounds like you're having a wonderful time...all the time!! It truly inspires me.