Friday, November 02, 2007

A Unexpedly Fun Night!

Last night we had the opportunity to go to a very cool local Science museum called COSI. I really don’t like science or really care how things work, but even I think this place is amazing! What’s sad is that this place was my 8th grade class trip (as opposed to how most schools go to D.C.). But aside from that time, I’ve been here around 10 times…we brought my daughter here when she was a baby a couple times because they have a really cool toddler area where kids can run around, touch things and build things. It also has some really cool water tables for even the youngest of babies (I think my daughter was around 8 months when we first put her in the water table chairs).

Anyway, a local health care system was launching a new program and new commercials and the launch party was at COSI. My sister has been doing an internship at this local health care system, so she invited us to come over. We even got food in the deal!

The best surprise was that there was a Bob the Builder exhibit. My kids spent the entire last hour of the night here playing, and they wouldn’t have left had we not been kicked out because they were closing!

I honestly didn’t want to go last night…after my daughter’s gymnastics I was so worn out that I just wanted to take it easy back at home. But my sister seemed so excited that we were coming, and I didn’t want to let her down. Now I’m so glad that we went! And I’m not sure who had more fun…the kids or us :)

Oh, and a really cool thing happened with my daughter…there was a little girl that was trying to pick up and keep all of these flower things that my daughter was playing with. My daughter started to really get upset and tried to grab them all before she could get them. I told her to share, and she looked at me and said “why? That little girl isn’t!” I made a comment loud enough for the little girl (who appeared to be 4 or 5 as well) to hear (because of course her parents were no where around) about how we have to share and be nice to people (I in no way was directing it at the little girl, I was using it as a lesson for my daughter). I told my daughter that we are supposed to be examples of how to do things the right way.

A little later on we were in the “workshop” and my daughter was at the architect’s table drawing. That same little girl came up and sat next to her and started to draw. My daughter drew this moon and a door and told me they were from another world and they had lines on them and polka dots. I asked her what color they would be and she said “pink and purple.” The little girl then asked very politely if she could borrow one of the shape things and my daughter nicely handed it over. After a few minutes I looked over at the little girl and you know what I saw on her paper? A door with lines on it and polka dots! Later I told my daughter how flattering it was that this little girl had copied her. And that maybe she really just wanted to play with her, and that was why she was taking all the flowers earlier.

Here are some pictures from our fun night :)


Anonymous said...

We have something similar here that Morgan and I went to over the summer. She had a blast :)

Love the pics--especially the last one with Bob.

Edie C said...

That does look like fun!

What a great lesson for your daughter!!

Heather J said...

Oh how cool! My son would have loved that. Glad your daughter unexpectedly learned something too! That's always a plus.

Heather J said...

Oh how cool! My son would have loved that. Glad your daughter unexpectedly learned something too! That's always a plus.

Sherry said...

Well you have had quite a busy week!!! So glad to read you have a new sitter and a good one!!! That is so important, see you look and look and finally the "perfect" one shows up!!! I am sure the kids love it there too!!!
Potty training, you go girl, ugh I so remember those days. But seems like your son is doing good now. His constipation problem no doubt put a little hesitation in him, but hopefully now he is good.
Halloween costumes adorable and that video I love. Haha Buzz crashes, poor Buzz.
The science museum look like a fun place. Love Bob the Builder picture, your children do look like they are having fun.
Your values that you instilled in your daughter certainly did pay off didn't they?? You should be so proud of her, and of course you and your husband. Child rearing is easy when you put the right values in there. Great job!!!!
Yeah I cheated, I read all your blogs but figured it's easier to just type one comment. Trying to catch up on the week I missed while I was in NY.

Shari said...

Looks like they had so much fun!!!

Dani said...

They look like they had a great time. What a treat!
Plus, it's always good to know that after all the words we spew at them, a few actually sink in. Way to go!