Monday, November 19, 2007

Not A Good Start To The Weekend!

I came home from work Friday and my daughter was sitting on the couch crying because her ear hurt. She’s had a cold for about 2 weeks now, and it made sense that she would probably have an ear infection. And we’ve been lucky…the only other ear infection she’s had was when she was 2 months old.

So we loaded the kids up (with some snacks because we hadn’t eaten dinner yet) and headed over to Urgent Care. We waited in the waiting room for a while and I felt so helpless as my daughter was in so much pain.

While we were waiting, a little boy ran up to my son and his mom walked over and picked him up and informed us that her son might have pink eye. So why the heck did you let him come anywhere near my son??? And she was letting him play with all the toys, so my poor son couldn’t play with them…and he didn’t understand why, which made me even sadder.

They finally call us back and we have a terrific nurse. She does well with both the kids, not just my daughter. Then the doctor comes in and she was even better! She gave my daughter some Motrin with a big syringe and then showed my daughter how she could play with it in the bathtub…she let her squirt the walls with some water! Then my son wanted one so she ran out and got him the same things so that he could play in the bathtub too!

The Motrin kicked in and we were able to go get some dinner. Saturday she got bad again, but after we gave her some more Motrin she was fine. The sucky part is that the antibiotic tastes horrible, so she dreads having to take that every day.

At least this should be over before we leave for Disney!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor kid :( Can the pharmacy flavor her meds?

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Sherry said...

Oh I so hope your daughter is feeling better soon. They say ear aches are horrible and to be so young to have one. I am so glad you had the great care that you did, shows there's still compassion left in the world of medicine, doesn't it?
And that lady with her son, geeze, what is the deal anyway??!!! She should have stayed like in a corner as a precaution see, caring medical staff, un-caring people in the waiting room. UGH will there ever be that perfect balance in the world of just plain caring???
So here's hoping your daughter is feeling tons better this morning, give her lots of hugs and get well kisses.

Julie said...

The good thing with an ear ache, the meds usually kick in really quickly. Hopefully she's feeling better. And I second the idea of having the pharamcy flavor it - maybe you can take it back and they'll flavor what's left?

Rachel said...

Poor thing!! Ask the pharmacy to flavor her medicine. Although, with the taste of some it doesn't help too much, but, hey it's worth a try. Hope K is feeling better very very soon!

Shari said...

Oh, we're just getting over the ear infection nightmare in my house too.

So we both lost our baby sitters, we both have kids with ear infections...

Does this mean I get to go to Disney too?

Heather J said...

I'd like to know what urgent care you go to, because the one I got to seems to have hired the most uncaring, pushy and stupid staff in the world.

And really? I hate that people think it's ok to let their children play with toys when they know they have something contagious like that. A cold is one thing...but pink eye? Keep your children in your lap please.

Edie C said...

Sorry about the ear infection... they are no fun. Hayden had them so bad as an infant... she's had tubes put in twice and her tonsils and adenoids removed to try to prevent the infections. Luckily, I think she's outgrown them. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that is true!)

Hope she feels better soon.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Poor little thing. I'm glad she's feeling better. And I'm glad you caught it early, before her ear drum burst, because that really sucks.