Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1.) We have decided to fly to Disney! Yipeeee! No more 16 hour drive! Although I was kind of looking forward to it (time to actually read a book), the airfare went down and we’d only save about $190 if we drove, and that just doesn’t justify an extra 12 hours of travel time.

2.) I get to have dinner with some girls from my moms’ group tonight…at this place. I really want some friend ice cream. Now.

3.) When hubby drops the kids off in the morning, they stay asleep and he’s in and out of the sitter’s house. When I take them, my daughter figures it out and walks into my bathroom at 6:00 in the morning and wants to get dressed and ready for the day (normally the sitter does all this as they are supposed to be asleep! Then they fall asleep in the car, but when I take them in they wake up. I know I’m gentle…I just can’t figure it out! Luckily today though there were no crying fits and they laid on the couch and went back to sleep fairly easily.

4.) I have a gift certificate at a local spa that I have to use by the middle of December. I was looking at my dates and couldn’t figure out when I was going to use it, and then I realized I’m taking my daughter over to a friend’s on Saturday (after we get our hair done together) and I made an appointment for a massage while she’s there! I’m so excited! 2 massages within a month of each other!

5.) Only 2 more days with my boss…her last day is tomorrow. To say I’m freaking out a little is an understatement, but I have no choice and right now I just want to move forward with everything!

6.) I’m seriously counting down the minutes until next week when I only have to work 3 days…I haven’t had a day off in a while and it’s really wearing on me!

That’s all I got…I hope all of your weeks are going faster than mine is!


Anonymous said...

When I go to Disney, I'll be on a plane. I get a little nervous flying, but I could never make the trip in a car. It'd be a 21 hour drive if we drove straight through and Morgan? Would NEVER make it that long.

Have fun with your moms group tonight :)

Your spa day sounds great.....enjoy it :)

Julie said...

Horray for flying! And double horray for dinner out and a massage!

Edie C said...

Disney is going to be here before you know it!!

Sorry about your boss leaving. Mine's been out of the office for two weeks and I've been SOOOO swamped!!

Sherry said...

Well bummer my first comment didn't go. Some weird message popped up instead. Grr I hate when that happens.
So glad you are flying to Disney World, and with the price of gas you are better off anyway. Plus the fact that when you arrive you won't be all tired out and cranky. Just all set and excited for some great times.
Way to go on your massage, aren't they just awesome? I know I love mine and do look forward to them.
The restaurant you are going to looks great, have a fun time there.
Don't worry about your job, you can do it!! You have the knowledge and know how so the transition with your boss leaving will be smooth, thanks to you.

Christy said...

Enjoy that massage! I only wish.

Rachel said...

Oooooh, you're so lucky to be getting two massages so close together!! I am so looking forward to next week being a short week too!

radioactive girl said...

#3 is interesting. Maybe because your husbandis bigger when he picks them up they have more room to be comfy on him so they don't wake up?

Although at our house we have noticed something interesting. Both my boys fake not being able to do things when I am around because they know I'll help them and mother them. With my husband, he is a great dad, but he doesn't mother them so they just do what they are capable of. I bet if we had to carry them in asleep, they would stay asleep for him and wake up for me too because of that.

Amy W said...

Yea for flying, although the drive wasn't that bad...

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Flying is definitely easier than the long drive, no question about that. In case you haven't flown with your children, I have three pieces of advice:

1. slip-on shoes, no double-knotted laces (security line)
2. Goldfish, pretzels, and other fun snacks.
3. the "Trip Fairy" -- new toys, stickers, etc. to entertain the kidlets after you've successfully boarded and everyone is strapped in.

alissa said...

Really... you can read in a car?

And always, if there is a choice, always fly.

For several years we've been driving from Toronto to Mobile, Alabama (to see the inlaws) - it's an 18-22 hour drive - but with child, it's a 3-day-er. Never, ever again!!! (Although if you ever do decide to go for it, you must make sure you have an in-car DVD player... it was our savour!)

Daddy Dan said...

Sixteen hours! That would've been too much. Plus, I get sick in the car if I try to read. You don't? Changing bosses is always stressful, isn't it?

Dani said...

Too long of a car ride. The plane will totally be worth the $190. Besides the kids will be excited about the plane ride.

I'm with Daddy Dan, reading in the car makes me SO sick. (And I still try on every long trip) I'm jealous that you can.

My husband has the same touch with our son. He can get him out of the car, out of his clothes and into bed. All asleep. I open the car door and he stares at me. Who knows?

Enjoy the massage!!