Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Great Having the Kids Back!

Ahhh, my kids are back! I have never been so happy to see them or missed them so much! I have no idea why this time was any different than before, but I’m thinking it’s because the kids have been with my parents the two weekends before Thanksgiving, and then we all went down there for that, and then gone the past 3 days. But now that we are moved into our lovely apartment, they will be with us! At least until we close on the new house and they go back down there so that we can get us moved in. As much as I hate having them away, I feel better that they are down getting a ton of attention from my sister and parents instead of being with us while we’re moving and having to fend for themselves as far as entertainment.

Last night we played, and played! The kids seem to really like the apartment. My daughter painted my nails (which later stained them a green color and I had to file and buff them to get it off!) and then we played with the kitchen set. My son really wanted to play make-up and nail polish with us…I kept telling him it was sissy’s and he’s a boy, boys don’t play make-up.

I’m having a hard time getting my daughter to eat. She was always a big eater as a baby and toddler (it was the big joke of everybody that tried to feed her…she would eat 3 jars of baby food at once!) but now she barely eats anything, and it’s not because she’s picky, she just says she’s not hungry. I think it’s really taking its toll on her, so last night I told her she had to sit at the table until all of her food was gone. She kept telling me she was full, bargaining 5 more bites, you name it, she tried it! My son on the other hand ate his first plate and then had another. So my son was done and I took him back to the bath tub (because even though he uses his utensils very nicely, he’s always still a huge mess!) and as soon as I put him in the water he looked at me and said “sissy?” They always take a bath together, but I told him that sissy was still eating. And every time I popped my head back in to check on him he would look at me and say “sissy?” It was the cutest thing…he always wants to know where she is if she’s not right by him. He does it with everybody else too…if we’re in the car and hubby isn’t there, he says “daddy?” and I tell him daddy’s at _____, and then he says “pappaw?” (my dad) and I tell him pappaw’s at his house, and then he says “gnma” (my mom) and I tell him grandma’s with pappaw. He doesn’t like it when everyone is not right there with him! Anyway, my daughter actually finished a lot of her dinner (I knew she couldn’t eat all of it because I had put a lot on her plate) and she finally took her bath. By this time my son was out, and I think she really enjoyed having the whole tub to herself.

The kids actually slept better than I thought they would for their first time in a new house…I heard my son whimpering a couple times in the middle of the night, but he went right back to sleep. The hardest adjustment is going to be the morning routine. Hubby has to take the kids, and we’re not used to not having a garage attached to our living quarters. So he runs out to the parking lot (which is probably 200 feet away) and starts the car, and then I in my robe (because I don’t leave for another ½ hour) help him take the kids out to the car because of course he can’t leave one in there while he comes back to the apartment to get the other one! We’ve been spoiled because every morning this week it’s been in the 60’s…it’s going to really suck when we have to do this in the freezing cold! I know that it will be really nice to have our garage back! The other adjustment was the hot water…half-way through my shower it was gone! That’s ridiculous! Oh well, hopefully this is just for two or three weeks; hopefully!

I talked to our construction supervisor yesterday and we’re still scheduled for carpet on December 8th. They were putting in our hardwood floors yesterday I guess (we’ll go see it tonight)…it’s all coming together so beautifully! I know I need to post pictures, but I always forget my camera!

My daughter and I are going to the dentist today. I hate the dentist. I have no real reason to hate the dentist…I have been told I have beautiful teeth (thanks mom and dad for the braces and the very stringent teeth-brushing regiment everyday!) I just hate having my mouth open and it always hurts me! Lately I’ve been remembering to Advil before I go. The problem is that now that I go with my daughter, I have to pretend to love the dentist! She loves the dentist until it’s time for her to get in that chair! This is her third appointment – the first she barely opened her mouth; the second she had to lay on top of me, but she did actually let them clean her teeth with that tool. I talked to her last night about going and she’s very excited, so hopefully I will not have to lay on the chair with her! The dentist that I’m going to today (don’t ask…I’m in a search for a new dentist and pediatrician!) I’ve never been to see her, but we had been seeing her partner that recently left the practice. Anyway, they have the pull-down TVs so that she can watch a movie while they work on her and while they do me, so that will be very nice!

OK, time to get back to work…I hope you all are having a great week and are enjoying the season (although I really haven’t gotten into it because I don’t want to spend any money on presents until we close on our house, and we have no house to decorate, so I’m kind of bummed).


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel missing your kids. LOL at the stained green toenails though. My 3 year old stepdaughter used to eat whatever you gave her, until she go closer to three and then, she would eat 2 bites and say she was full. You are just going to have to stand by that stay at the table until you eat philosophy. I think it's just because they don't want to take time out of playing to eat. I clearly do not have that problem, lol.

CPA Mom said...

Tigger is always terrible at the dentist if I am back there with him. Last time we tried it with me in the waiting room and he did great! stinker.

Amy W said...

Ashley is normally a good eater, and has been pulling the negotiating out lately. Seems she just wants to snack instead of eat her dinner. It's frustrating!