Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Long Day Has Started

So here I am at work, at 8:54 am, and I still have not done a single thing of work (dang you wonderful blogs that I have to read every morning). I'm a little worried about how tiring this week is going to be, and today starts it all off. At 5:00 my in-laws will pull up to my building and we will head off to the Extreme Makeover site...hubby will watch our kids and my nephew as my brother and sister in-law will also be going with us. If we are actually helping, we should be there until Midnight tonight. I say "if we are actually helping" because I was informed yesterday that there's a chance that we could be sitting around just waiting for someone to need us...ummmm my time is way too precious for that! So if that's the case, you can bet I'll be out of there a lot sooner than Midnight!

My son fell down the stairs last night, but luckily I was standing on the stairs with him and was able to catch him after only falling 3 stairs, so he only banged his mouth into the trim, and not his head onto our wood floors. He screamed, but was laughing again within a couple of minutes. I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I have some serious internal issues with raising him. Hear me out and moms of boys give me your opinions on how you're raising your boys.

I've always been scared of having boys...I grew up with all girls (except for my dad of course). I had no idea how boys worked, or how they played, and I was very excited that my first was a girl. And then my son came along. For some reason my dad and hubby are so scared of him turning out to be a sissy that they go overboard expecting him to be tough, and he's only 16 months. I also want him to grow up to be a tough boy, but I'm still his mommy, and mommies kiss boo-boos, and pick their kids up when they're crying. Whenever I do this, hubby makes a comment such as "don't worry about him, he's a boy, he can handle it. And it's hard, because I do find myself being a lot rougher with him than I ever was with my daughter, and I know that's because subconsciously I don't want him to be a wuss.

How do you find the balance? How do you show your son unconditional love without turning him into a momma's boy?


Amy W said...

Good luck on your long day, and I hope to see you on camera!

Sorry I can't help you with the boy thing...all girls in my house.

EC said...

Oh wait, I have the answer to that!!!

You don't.

My son is, and I think always be a momma's boy. I've tried to "toughen him up", and all it has gotten me is more tears. Maybe as he gets older I'll be able to work on him, lol, but at least for now he is all about momma, lol.

j&jberggren said...

My opinions on boys....mine is 2....is that no matter how you treat them they will be what they will be. Let them be Mommy's Boys when the are little...all too soon....due to dads, peer pressure and growing up they will learn to be tough. While being tough is great...don't we also want our boys to learn to be sweet and kind and caring so that they will grow up and be capable of finding a nice girl...treating her like a princess...and hopefully, have a family of his own and be a caring dad to his kids. I think that boys learn that from their moms. All kids, boys and girls, need the assurance of unconditional love from their parents, and LOTS and LOTS of HUGS!!! Don't worry about raising a wuss!!! The reason that we have a mom and a dad is so that we naturally have the balance in our life of toughness (from dad) and sweetness (from mom).

j&jberggren said...

Oh...and another thing....I highly recomend the following two books!

The Miracle in a Daddy's Hug - John Burns

The Miracle in a Mother's Hug - Helen Burns