Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Wow, what a long day! The in-laws and I arrived at the site (after me driving around for 1/2 hour because I freakin' don't know the east side of Columbus) at 6:00 last night. We went and checked in at the volunteer tent, and the wonderful (sarcastic) lady checking us in just happened to be the admin for our office. She promptly informed us that we were not to get a shirt or hard hat until they needed us down at the site. Did you know I don't listen to directions? I came down to volunteer and I was getting a shirt! So we all put shirts on, and the crazy admin lady, let's just call her "Jo", actually sent someone over to tell us to take them off. Do you think I took mine off? I'm a little defiant. Anyway, we sat around for 2 hours and did nothing. They didn't need our help at all, so finally we left (they said they only needed 5 people to stay the full shift, so we high-tailed it out of there). We went to the catering tent and ate dinner, and then we just stood by the hole and watched. They ran into some problem with the ground as they were digging the basement, so as of last night they are about 3 hours behind. Did I mention how cool it was to be there at night while they were working hard to get the house done???

Once we get more updated pictures I'll post them!


Amy W said...

I need updates! Any camera time for you??

AnJaka said...

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