Friday, December 01, 2006

How to Get My Daughter to Eat

So last night OU played Central Michigan for the MAC championship (I think?) Clearly I did not watch the game…I was in the basement watching Grey’s Anatomy. We went over to my uncle’s house, and OU graduate, and all four of my cousins were there, all OU graduates as well, and then you have hubby and me, who graduated from there as well. Believe it or not there are many more OU graduates in my family that were not present…I think we’ve supported OU for the past 50 years! Anyway, we stopped and got pizza and I watched the first half with everyone. Guess what? My daughter ate tons and tons of pizza and fried cauliflower. Too bad I’m not the nicest mom in the world and will only give her pizza from now on. Nope, not so nice.

This is kind of a boring post because nothing else really went on. We went and looked at the new house last night…floors look beautiful! It’s looking so nice! They’re patching up the walls so that they will be ready for the final coat of paint. I just can’t wait to get in there!

The dentist appointment went great! I love this new dentist, and it’s 2 minutes from our new house. And my daughter did fabulous! She sat in the chair and let them clean her teeth, check her teeth and put vitamins on them (it was this foam stuff that she put on her teeth with a Q-tip-looking thing). I was so proud of her! My appointment was fine, I got through it ok and it didn’t hurt! My hygienist was so gentle and nice!

OK really, how boring can I be that I’m posting about our dentist appointment? I wish I had something deep to post about and make everyone think, but my brain is so fried right now from lack of sleep and moving and working really hard. I’ve got this huge project at work that I’ve been working on for months, and I’ve been working even harder on it lately. For the accountants out there: The SEC is sending comment letters to all the major homebuilders regarding how they are reporting their segments. They’ve had to restate and it’s just a whole mess. We have been planning on re-doing our segments, so that has been my project, and it’s not easy! You would think that it would be, but it’s not. It’s draining.

This weekend we are going to a festival in our new little city that will have Santa and a mini-Polar Express train (, and then Saturday night hubby and I are going to a formal Christmas party for one of his clients. I hope to relax the rest of the weekend! I have to go and buy the kids their Christmas outfits because our pictures are next Saturday at this place: If any of you have one of these close by go there! I love them! They aren’t too expensive and they so such a fabulous job with the kids.

OK, enough of my rambling and back to my work! Oh, and this morning started off horribly because these huge storms are coming through the Midwest and as soon as I stepped out of my car it was a monsoon! I had an umbrella but I was absolutely drenched. And the worst part is that it’s Friday, so I’m wearing jeans, and they take the longest to dry. I’ve been here since 7:25 and at 9:30 I’m just now about dry. At least it’s Friday!

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