Monday, November 13, 2006

Strep Throat and a Cool Announcement!

So it was confirmed, I have strep throat. Just my luck! I'm sure I got it while teaching my daughter's Sunday School class since it's very difficult to pass between adults and adults usually get it through kids. So I didn't go to work on Friday, and after my day of antibiotics I was feeling much better by Saturday. This worked out perfectly because my mom came and got the kids on Thursday night, so I could rest all day Friday, and then Saturday hubby and I spent most of the day packing, and then we went and looked at the new house and then to dinner shopping! We had so much fun! We realized that every time the kids are gone we try so hard to have a "real" date...dinner and a movie. But in actuality, we have a blast doing the everyday things that we used to do before we had kids - like jumping on couches all night!

So even though I'm still a little sick, we had a great weekend! So now here's my fabulous news that I've been keeping you in suspense about: M/I Homes, the company I work for, is building a house for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition this week!!! I couldn't say anything because ABC just knocked on the family's door and told them yesterday morning, so we all had to keep really quiet about it. I can't wait! I'm volunteering to help tomorrow night from 6:00 - Midnight, and then the whole accounting team is volunteering Thursday during work, and then hubby and I are volunteering Friday night from 6:00 - Midnight. Here's a link to our site that has the details:

And then of course there's the OSU/Michigan game this Saturday here in's going to be a very busy week!


Amy W said...

How cool is that?!! Supposedly they are going to do one here in Raleigh as well. Maybe we will see you on tv!

Anonymous said...

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