Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a great night last night! We had nothing scheduled so we got to play outside all night! I got to talk to a neighbor that I don’t see often and the kids had a blast playing. My son is really walking now, and he looks so big when he does it! I just can’t believe he’ll be 14 months tomorrow! Where does the time go?

The only downside to last night is that either Ragweed is hitting especially hard this year, or I’ve got a cold. I felt absolutely miserable last night. The kids were in bed by 9:30, and I just went and crashed. I didn’t sleep very well either…I kept waking up. And when I didn’t wake up because of the cold/allergies, I was waking up to take my daughter back to bed because she kept waking up and coming into our room and climbing into our bed! She’s such a stinker! One nice thing is that my son has “slept through the night” for three nights now! I put that in quotes because I hear him wake up and cry, but only for a couple of minutes and then he goes back to sleep. That will be a relief when I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

I had a hard morning today…my sister is watching the kids, and normally I don’t see them in the morning because my husband takes them to the sitter. Anyway, this morning they wake up as I’m getting ready, and my daughter gets excited because she thinks it’s the weekend since she sees me getting ready. But when I tell her that Aunt Cindy is watching her and I have to go to work, she tells me “but I want you to stay home with me” and cries a little. My heart was broken.

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Amy W said...

I hate those days. I am the same, my kids don't normally see me before I leave the house at 6:45, but when they do, Ashley normally tells me I don't have to go to work. Breaks my heart.