Monday, August 07, 2006

An Update of 3 Weeks In 500 Words!

Phewwwww! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted! I’m so sorry to the couple of you that read it :) I actually get VERY busy with work 4 times per year (when we do our quarterly filing), and the last two weeks of July and the beginning of August is one of those times. It just crept up on me so fast that I completely forgot to post that I’d be gone for a while! No more, I promise!

I can’t believe it’s the beginning of August already….I feel like summer just began! I’m excited because we are going on vacation next week to Virginia Beach (or VB as we call it). My husband’s family has been going there every year for about 12 years, and I joined in the fun 6 years ago. We will drive half-way on Saturday and then the other half on Sunday. I’m kind of dreading the drive because we went to New York last weekend and my son was not the best traveler. My daughter on the other hand was amazing! I packed all kinds of fun snacks and she watched DVDs the whole way! My son liked to scream :( But at least once we get there I’ll get 7 days of beach time! I can’t wait to just lay out! I’m finally semi-comfortable with myself in a bathing suit…I don’t know why it takes me so long to lose the baby weight, but it was this way with my daughter too…about a year. I have been going to the YMCA lately and that has made me feel tremendously better!

I celebrated by birthday last week…..27 now. It’s nice because I feel like I have accomplished so much already…1 wonderful husband, 2 awesome kids, a great job, building our second house….what more could anyone ask for?

This past Saturday we went to the zoo and the state fair. We went to the fair last year and my daughter had a blast! She wasn’t quite big enough to ride the rides, but they let her on anyway. This year (with her tennis shoes on) she was just at 36 inches…the minimum required to ride most of the kiddie rides. We went with two other families and had the best time!

My parents took my kids yesterday for a whole week (we’ll leave for vacation down where they live), and I’m so sad because I miss them! It really is a good thing though because we are in the middle of switching realtors and have interviews lined up all night every night this week, so not having to worry about entertaining them at the same time will be very nice! It will also be a lot easier to pack and get ready for the trip.

I know that so much happened while I was away, but I just can’t even fathom sitting here and writing all of it. Just know that I’m back now until the end of October (my next busy time) :)

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Amy W said...

Good luck with the realtor interviews, my husband is actually a realtor, I know how they can be :).

Have fun being kid free for the week!