Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Quick Update

Hello all! This week has been non-stop busy! Not how it’s supposed to be when I don’t have the kids! We had realtor interviews Monday and Tuesday, and then last night we signed with the one that we decided to go with. She will do a great job! It’s weird because I’m short (5’ 3”) and I tower over her! I’m definitely not used to that. Tonight is getting the house ready for an open house on Sunday and packing for Virginia Beach! We go every year with my husband’s family, and we leave on Saturday. I can’t wait…it will be so nice to lay in the sun the whole week! And the kids love to play in the sand! I actually went tanning today during lunch so that I maintained my base so I don’t get burned the first day I’m there…I always hate that!

OK, here at work I witnessed what I thought was horrible and wrong…I heard a couple of people from a vendor of ours come in and tell our admin that they were here for a meeting. I heard her tell them that they never confirmed the appointment time with her (I guess she was waiting on an e-mail from them telling her that today’s date and 2:00 was OK), and she had another meeting that she had to go to. They kind of “argued” back and forth about whether or not the appointment was confirmed, and then they decided to set up a time that was good for them to meet. The people left and the admin came over to me and whispered “I completely forgot they were coming, and I just don’t feel like dealing with them today”. WHAT???? It gets better…“I never got an e-mail confirming the appointment, but I hate that guy, and I just don’t feel like talking to him today. And he’s not even based out of our city; he’s from a city in the next state over!” How in the world can you send someone away that has traveled over 300 miles to meet with you just because you don’t feel like it? I didn’t even know what to say…I’m so appalled.

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