Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This last weekend was a good mix of fun activities and relaxing :)

Suzie came into town for a couple of interviews and to celebrate Cindy’s birthday, so Friday night she came over and we had a great dinner of roasted chicken. We decided we needed some dessert, so Suz and the kids made chocolate lava cakes, which were wonderful! It was fun to just relax and enjoy a great Friday night with everyone (my parents, Suzie and my family).

Saturday John had a church breakfast to go to and Josh and Ryan were over at my parents’ house. Kylie was working on her invention convention project (online community for elementary schools) and Colton had a cold and was just being a miserable baby :( He would play, but then he would just be fussy, and he was not eating very well. He had been up so much the night before…a couple of times to eat and then every hour or so just needing his paci put back in. I was exhausted! Kylie and I watched a movie together (she picked Fairytopia, which she hasn’t watched since she was a little girl…it was a great trip down memory lane as we remembered her being obsessed with it and dressing up as Elina for Halloween one year). I also had to finish my sister’s scrapbook (wedding present) because I wanted to give it to her and Big Josh that night.

Suz came over in the early afternoon and we made Cindy a carrot cake. I decided to see if my nanny could come over and watch Colton that night because he was so miserable, and there was no way we would be able to have a nice dinner with him that way. Thankfully, she was available :)

We went to PF Chang’s for dinner (my parents, Cindy and Josh, Suzie, Ryan and Kylie – Josh wanted to stay back with Miss G and Colton). It was a great dinner – good food and good conversations. Afterwards, we went back to Cindy and Josh’s for cake and presents. We gave her a pair of UGG boots and she loved them! (she should, she picked them out :) ). Then I gave them the scrapbook…it felt so good to finally be done with that, but I was also sad because I had been working on it for 18 months now. I was so proud of how it turned out! Around 9:30 we headed back home and Miss G said that Colton was great – no problems at all!

I had every intention of staying home from church with Colton – he was so sick and I was still getting over my cold. But when we woke up Sunday, he was back to normal! I had known something was up when he only got up twice during the night, and the second time, he was talking and happy while I was feeding him. He was a happy, playful little boy that morning! So we all headed to church and then back home for some naps :) John went into work for a while and I fought little man on a nap for two hours! He was so tired, but he kept needing a diaper change and just fighting it. Finally, he went to sleep and stayed asleep for two hours.

Kylie had been at Rachel’s all afternoon, so right after the Superbowl started, I went to pick her up. My mom brought over some pizza and it was a very low-key evening. Joshie and I were hoping for the Patriots, John, Kylie and Ryan were hoping for the Giants. It was a fun fight among the family :)

Now it’s back to the grind and another busy week :) But I’m sure it will fly by as all weeks tend to do nowadays and it will be the weekend again before I know it!

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Sherry said...

Glad to hear Colton is feeling better, poor baby, and poor you too as you were still getting over your cold.
Your weekend sounds fantastic and oh those cakes, had my mouth watering.
I bet your sister's wedding scrap book is awesome, a treasure for sure.
I agree with you the weeks do fly by. Heck the years do. Soon we will be thinking of Christmas. BAD ME, I know.
Have a fantastic day!!