Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valendtine's Day Weekend Recap...

Last Friday was the kids’ Valentine’s Day parties at school. Our district always seems to do big parties on either a Friday, or the last day of school before the holiday (i.e. Christmas party). It is weird because the actual holiday is still a few days off, but oh well!

The kids had been thinking about their boxes for a while…Josh wanted a football and Kylie wanted an ATM (at first she had wanted a purse, but then changed it to an ATM). As usual, John waited until the last minute (he’s in charge of boxes…I claim since I didn’t go to elementary school and had no idea what these things even were until Kylie started school, that I’m exempt from having to make them). So John, since it was late in the game, got the great idea to cut a slit on the top of an old football and use that as Joshie’s box. It was a great idea and was a hit at school.

Kylie’s box took a lot more calculations and planning. John and Kylie drew out the plans and measurements one night, and then John drew the cut lines the next night while I cut each piece out of the cardboard (my wrist hurt so bad after all that cutting with a box cutter!). Then they painted the pieces (black and orange) and taped them together. Kylie and I went up and cut out all the designs with the Cricut machine and she ended up with a beautiful box!

The parties were the typical class parties (I’m really, really not into those parties at all, especially since John and I spend most of the time walking between the two classrooms). But the kids have fun and that’s all that matters!

That Friday night John and I got to go on our first date in a long time! The kids went over to Aunt Sarah’s for the annual cousins’ sleepover, and for the first year, Ryan got to go too! They were all so excited! So we left Colton with my parents, dropped the kids off at John’s sister’s house, and headed out on our date! We’ve been trying really hard to save money (not having a raise in years can be tough), so our goal was to have the cheapest date possible (while still being fun). So we went to Subway for dinner (this was because of time mostly…our movie started soon and there was a Subway right next to the theater) and shared a $5 footlong. Then we went next door to the dollar theater and paid $5 for two tickets to see Tower Heist. We did spend $11 on popcorn and a big Diet Coke :) The movie was cute and we had fun seeing a movie (for us) for the first time in years! And the whole date cost us $21!!! And we ended the date the most romantic way possible…with a trip to the grocery store :)

Saturday our plan was to stay in and hibernate all day because we were getting like our second or third snow of the season :) It wasn’t even bad, but the wind chill was horrible, so we stayed inside! Suzie and Jarrett were back in Ohio interviewing again, so around 1:30 they stopped by. Their plan was to come in and say “hi” and then head out to show Jarrett more of Ohio (he’s from Indiana), but they ended up staying the whole day! I had just put a pot roast in when they got there, so thankfully we knew we would have a fabulous dinner later on. I called Cindy and Josh and asked them to come to dinner and we ended up having a wonderfully spontaneous huge family dinner. Everyone was there except Kylie, who had gone to Rachel’s :)

Sunday we went to church and then came home and did some things around the house. John repainted some of the walls that had finger prints and other stuff on them and I got some things organized in my bedroom. John took Ryan and Josh to the CBJ game that night (where they had a blast), and Kylie and I hung out and watched Supernanny together. It was nice to get some time with her (Colton had gone to bed fairly early after fussing around all evening – Sundays are so hard on him because he misses his morning nap).

It was a great weekend! Fun times with family and the kiddos…can’t get any better than that!

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