Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A CBJ Game Night...

Last night was great! It was the last CBJ game in our group of tickets that Big Josh had gotten us at a super discounted price, and Ryan had been looking forward to this game for months because it was CBJ vs. The Red Wings! Our whole family was supposed to go, and then my aunt and uncle and two of their kids and their wife/fiancĂ© were there. I got a girl from church to babysit Colton, and Kylie actually stayed back with her because we all know she’s not a fan of hockey :)

So Sarah (the babysitter) got to the house around 5:25 and I quickly ran through everything with her. This was her first time babysitting for us, but she watches Colton in the nursery once a month, so she was familiar with him. He was finishing up eating and was ready for a nap, so I laid him down and we left.

It was a little bit of a fiasco getting there because we always stop at the ATM on the way to get cash for parking because we never have any cash. I had stopped and picked up the candy before I got home, but I didn’t even think about stopping to get cash. Unfortunately, the ATM was out of order, so we spent the next ½ driving around trying to find an ATM on the way. We finally found one and got to the game a few minutes before it started. My uncle was a hoot and the boys were super excited about being there. They pulled out their candy (on our money saving quest I buy them some type of candy at CVS before the game and stick it in their coat pocket for them to eat during the game). Joshie was wearing a Red Wings jersey (because Aunt Suzie likes the Red Wings) and a CBJ hat. It was cute seeing him cheer for both teams :)

During the game, my cousin came over and we caught up for a bit. She’s planning her wedding (this summer) and was telling all about the planning and the snags they were hitting. She also asked me if Kylie would like to be a flower girl in the wedding, which is awesome and Kylie was super excited when I told her about it!

We had to leave the game early because John had his last flag football game last night, and I didn’t want to be walking around downtown alone with the kids, so we had decided we would leave early and I would take him to his game and he would get a ride home with a neighbor afterwards.

When I got home, Sarah told me that Colton had just woken up from his nap! So he was in a great mood and had a great time crawling around and playing while I got Ryan ready for bed and the old kids in bed. Kylie said she had so much fun with Sarah :)

After the older kids were in bed, I played with Colton a little longer and then fed him and put him to sleep. I loved that I got to spend some time alone with him, especially since I didn’t get to see him at all the day before because I went to dinner with some friends and he was sleeping when I left and when I got home :(

So a great night, and Ryan is already talking about the CBJ games we’re going to go to next year :)

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Sherry said...

Sounds like a great night, except for the ATM problem. Haha I don't carry cash either, I am debit card queen, but when I need cash dang I want an available ATM haha
Flower girl huh? Kylie will be absolutely beautiful. She will steal the show from the bride, I know that much.
Glad you had a great night and love Josh didn't play favorites and rooted for both teams!!